Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's to a Safe New Year

As a Mom, I really don't like New Year's Eve. My three oldest are now 27, 24 and 21. We don't have to worry about the underage drinking thing any more, but there are still plenty of hazards.

So tonight, I called each of my boys, told them I loved them and asked them who they were going to kiss at midnight.

Bob was first. He is going to go out with his former fiance, and staying at her parent's house.
You heard me right. Yeah, I know. Hmmm. We'll have to watch that one...

David is half sick and is going to a buddy's house to watch football and eat a good dinner. The friend is married and has a little one, so he's pretty safe there.

Number Three is going to dinner with his girlfriend, and they are coming back here. They don't want to do the downtown bar thing that most of the 20 somethings feel they have to do. I feel pretty good about that! Progress is being made.

Soccer Boy will stay up late and play video games. So all in all, looks like old mama bear will get some sleep tonight.

I just hate to have them out on New Year's Eve. No only do we have to worry about their
judgement, but that of every other person is a 50 mile raduis as well!

Hope your friends and family all have a great New Year's Eve, and many more.

Oops! I just heard Number Three come in, and it's only 10:25. Looks like I can go to bed early!
(late for me, any other day of the year). Good thing I saw the New Year's celebration in Australia this morning!


Melissa B. said...

Ella Numera Una drug herself home about 11 this a.m. after a DC soiree and sleepover. Ella Numera Dos got to Chicago at about 8 p.m. after her 2nd Great American Silo Trip of the year. Headed your way, I think, today, but I could be wrong. Worry less, relax more. That's my recipe for the next 12 months. Here's to 2010...Happy New Year!

Susie said...

I know what you mean...the older you get, the more you worry. I can still control the 5-year-old but not the 19...