Saturday, January 31, 2009

Clean Your Palate

FYI, Veggie Mom wrote this as her final January contribution to the Random Complexity Writing Challenge. 181 words.

Nerves jangled; bells rang in her ears. The 23-year-old still smelled slightly of frat keggers and 2 a.m. runs to Jack-in-the-Box.

Now she found herself in Mexico City. Dressed to impress. On a business trip.

Adiós, Corona-infused nights on the crowded porch of a run-down, college-row house.

Bienvenido to the world of cocktail parties at expense-account restaurants.

Thank God for the four years of high school Spanish, followed by a college minor. At least she might have a decent conversation.

In the restaurant of the four-star hotel on Paseo de la Reforma, she contemplated the breakfast menu. Huevos, for sure. But I can’t read this—the words all look the same. So much for the post-secondary degree.

I’ll just wing it. Thanks, Señorita Toliver, for teaching me something way back in 9th grade. Who knew that Español Uno would come in handy?

Huevos y jabón, por favor.” Luckily, the waiter wasn’t a literal guy. And he had patience with the newbie gringa, trying to act so adulta.

Her stomach was twisted in knots already. Soap and eggs would have been quite unsettling.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Beach Trilogy, a Pop'rs Giveaway and the Winner Is...

Some of you were pulling for the puppy. He got pretty close last week. Candid Carrie , who's hosting her Friday Foto Finish Fiesta today, even thought the mystery of this trilogy involved another dog coming in and stealing the stick away from the two of them!

Well, you're all wrong. Moses won the stick in the end. But you can't blame Rowdy for trying! Aunt Julie really has a way of capturing emotion, doesn't she?

And, speaking of Winners, the winner of this week's Impromptu Pop'rs Bloggy Giveaway Carnival Giveaway is...Ryan Ashley Scott, of Optimistic Cynicism! Ms. Scott was selected by the Random Generator. E-mail me, RAS, at, to claim your Pop'rs Prize!

Oh, and please don't forget Veggie Mom's Interview over at Katydid and Kid today! That Veggie sure gets around, doesn't she?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things Are Poppin' Around the Blogosphere!

First of all, Enter our Bloggy Pop'rs Giveaway Carnival. Today's the last day to enter! We're announcing the Winner tomorrow via our entry in Candid Carrie's Friday Finish Foto Fiesta. So get clicking and commenting right away!

Next, Uncle Lynn has a new Pop'rs Logo! Did you see it in the sidebar? Way cool, I'd say! Sorta adds some extra Ooomph! to his Great Product, don'tcha think?

And in another corner of the Blogosphere, Michelle from Honest & Truly, and a recent Pop'rs Giveaway Winner, spilled the other day about Mr. Man's Pop'rs Obsession.

"I'm not sure where he got the idea," Michelle says, "but he decided he wanted Pop'rs on his corn. I'm not going to discourage him from trying new things, so I put a few pieces of corn on the side of his plate and let him put a couple Color Burst Pop'rs on it (yep, Color Burst--kind of a fruity flavored one, not Butter, which would make more sense). And...he liked it. So I put Pop'rs on all of the corn, and he proceeded to have a grand old time eating them."

You might remember Mr. Man as star of one of our Awesome Infomercials during our New Year's Giveaway earlier this month. That's Mr. Man, the Young Pop'rs Fan, at the top of this post, enjoying his Pop'rs-infused dinner. Mommy Michelle is today's SITS Featured Blogger, so stop by and share some Comment Love with her!Also, our Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway Winners have all received their Awesome Pop'rs Prizes, and are giving them a whirl. Caroline, from Caroline's Crafts, bragged about her haul the other day: "If you get a chance," Caroline enthuses, "check out Eat Your Veggies! It is a fun site and you can learn more about Pop'rs and how they can encourage healthy eating." Thanks for Sharing the Bloggy Love, Caroline!

Last but not least, Kathleen, another recent Pop'rs Giveaway Winner, features a Special Blogger each Friday. Guess who she picked to feature tomorrow? Why, you're very own Veggie Mom! Please tune in to Katydid & Kid tomorrow to hear me dish about a wide range of topics, from my pet peeves to my obsession with Will Smith.

Please click on over to visit with these Lovely Ladies today, OK? And keep those comments coming!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She Has the Time

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The following was scribbled as part of the Random Complexity Writing Challenge, over at In Search of Giants. Word Count: 603.

She lights the candles, one by one. Five different scents, in different stages of meltdown, scavenged from the right-hand cabinet of her mother-in-law’s dining room hutch. The hutch that Julie and Lynn U-Hauled clear across the country one Spring, along with a table, seven chairs, and four young boys eager to see their cousins.

She turns on the water, and lets the faucets run full-out. The hotter, the better, as she recalls. Sometimes she wonders if she’ll end up like one of those frogs, the ones in the experiment. Her high school Biology teacher once told her that if you put a frog in a pan of cold water on the stove and turn on a burner, he’ll never know he’s being boiled alive. She always thinks of the frog as the steam starts to rise.

She goes to the back closet and gets down the old terry cloth bath robe. Not so white any more, but just as soft. A slight yellow tint around the cuffs. The robe she used during her hospital stay after the birth of their first little girl. An emergency C-Section. The baby was coming out sunny side up, the doctor said. The procedure—they called this gutting and stitching a “procedure”—lasted less than 10 minutes. Thirteen hours of labor, 10 minutes of delivery, one week in the hospital. Moker went out to buy her a robe so she would be comfortable during her stay.

She closes the bathroom door, turns out the lights, gets into the tub, and sinks in a profusion of orchid-scented bubbles. Twists off the cold tap and lets the hot run a few minutes more. The hotter, the better, as she recalls. Then she thinks about the frog.

Her long legs (a 34-inch inseam, to be precise) don’t quite stretch all the way out in this standard-issue tub. The formica (Julie always wonders when she’s going to replace it—the answer is “no upgrade needed.” She likes the ’70s effect) casts an unsettling glow. The candles sputter, the bathwater laps a tiny bit over onto the tile floor.

She has time to think.

For 22 years, life turned itself—and the two of them—topsy-turvy. She started off on the journey of motherhood without a clue. In fact, when the first precious little bundle came home from the hospital and pitched a screaming fit, Moker asked, turning the baby over onto her stomach, “Do these things have an ‘off’ switch, or what?”

The years rushed by in a cacophony of clichés. And before they knew it, they were sitting through yet one more of life’s little truisms: high school graduation. The youngest was about to embark on a journey of her own. Then the girls had their Honda loaded down, with more than 15 pairs of shoes. Cue Kenney Chesney, if you please: “There goes my life.”

Empty Nesting has its moments. Time to talk to one another in an uninterrupted flow of thoughts. Time to try to remember what life was like almost 22 years ago. Time to ask how we got on this merry-go-round to begin with, and wonder if we’ll ever get off. And if we’ll be able to remember all of this sweet, wild, wonderful ride.

Time to ponder what’s coming next, as well as what has come before.

Time to take a bath, in the orchid-scented bubbles that the youngest gave her Mommy as a Christmas present. An unexpected gift, to the woman who has spent the last 22 years wondering if anyone was really paying attention.

Life’s still rushing by. But now she has the time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sasha and Malia: Welcome to the Club

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Today's post is both poignant and profound. The Bush Twins, Jenna and Barbara, wrote a letter to the newest First Daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama. Then they narrated it for this sweet video. You'll tingle as it touches you. Welcome to the Club, Obama girls!

Monday, January 26, 2009

This Week's Pop'rs Giveaway Carnival is Underway!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

We have a Winner! This Giveaway is Closed.

Uncle Lynn is participating this week in the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival. It's a warm-up, of sorts, for our Great New Pop'rs Valentine's Day Giveaway, which starts next Sunday, February 8.

This Week's Grand Prize Winner will score an Entire Box of
Pop'rs, that Fun and Good-for-You Seasoning that's been making Headlines these days in a Big Way! Pop'rs come in eight different flavors, and really encourage one & all to Eat Their Veggies! Click Here and Here to see the Press Coverage for yourself!

Here's all you have to do to be a winner this week: Leave me a comment on this post!

That's it! The Winner of the Pop'rs Carnival Prize will be announced Right Here on Friday, January 30, at Eat Your Veggies! when we solve the Mystery of the Beach Trilogy.

So, get Clicking and Get Commenting...a Big Box o' Pop'rs Fun is On. The. Line!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Consider Yourself Warned

It's that time of year again. Watch Out.

We keep Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer, so we can have them all year long. Good for our tastebuds...not so good for our waistlines.

Two neighbor girls came calling yesterday, and of course Veggie Mom ordered reinforcements. Two boxes of Samoas and five boxes of Thin Mints, to be precise.

Back in the quietude of my kitchen, I got to thinking. Time for a mid-morning snack. A whole sleeve of Thin Mints later...

I'm not helping my case, am I? But I have started on my 4th book!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fitness for the Body and the Mind

Baby Steps always lead to grownup strides.

Did I make New Year's Resolutions for 2009? Was one of them to exercise more? Was one of them to drop a few extra lbs.? As they say up Northeastern Wisconsin way, You Betcha!

CM blogs over at No Dieting. Her blog title says it all, doesn't it? Anyway, she's challenging all of us to exercise...both our bodies and our minds. Here's the deal:

It's called the 500/50 Challenge. Try to exercise (running, biking, swimming, walking, elliptical, etc.) the equivalent of 500 running miles in one year. Try to read 50 books in that same time period. And if you break it down, it could be totally doable!

Of course, I signed up for a Writing Challenge this year, too. But I've put myself on a schedule, and think I can reach my goal. My first effort on that front met with the approbation of many of you out there in Cyberland, so I'm feeling pretty psyched!

I say The 500/50 Challenge sounds doable, too. We're talking fitness for the body and the mind. Click Here or on the button in my sidebar, and let CM know you're in. She's got 18 bloggers signed up right now. I say we should make it at least an Even 20 by day's end...or even more!

Veggie Mom's a swimmer, not a runner, so I'm gonna have to convert my total miles. I've swum 9.3939393 miles in the pool since January 1 (15,500 yards divided by 1,650). I'm supposed to multiply my mile pool mileage by 4 to convert it to running miles. That comes to 37.575757 miles so far this year. And 2 books...almost done with my 3rd, and I'm not even tired!

Please let me emphasize that I'm not a svelte 20-something. Nor am I a candidate for The Biggest Loser. I'm just a regular gal, just like you. If we concentrate on doing a little bit each day, we can do it! Remember, baby steps turn into grownup strides. Our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, believed that one couldn't have a sharp mind without a healthy body. And remember...even TJ was a toddler, once.

Baby steps. And soon a Big Kid you'll be!

"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united."

~Thomas Jefferson~

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta: Beach Trilogy

Last week you caught a glimpse of Moses and Rowdy racing on the beach in Florida. If you'll recall, Moses had the stick. Rowdy wanted the stick. Who was going to win?

Of course, Rowdy is just a puppy, and all. Plus, Moses has a few more pounds on him. And then, there's the experience to consider.

This is the second in a series of three Aunt Julie shots that I'm posting for Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. We in The Pop'rs Family proudly refer to these FLA Shots as The Beach Trilogy. Next week, we reveal the victor!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet the Press, Veggie-Style

Karla, a Pop'rs Veteran who runs Zander and Me, offered me a deal I just couldn't refuse. When I clicked on over to her place the other day, she tempted me with an interview. Being the Media Hog that I am, and since it's Inauguration Week and all, I jumped at the chance. Following are the Five Cool Questions Karla Asked, followed by Veggie Mom's Equally Scintillating Answers. There's also an offer for you to play along! Karla's questions are in bold; my answers are in italics.

1. OK, so I know that you began your blog as a way to promote Pop’rs and that you blog religiously every day. Now that you’ve been blogging for quite some time, how has blogging changed for you? Are you getting more out of it, personally, than you initially thought you would?

You know, sometimes I’m all fired up to write a daily post, then other times I have to ponder the whole process a little bit. Blogging, though, has become a much more personal thing for me over the last seven months. Sure, my BIL Uncle Lynn wants to get the word out about Pop’rs, his amazing new product. But I’ve found that most folks in the blog circles I circulate in want something more. If you don’t have your heart in the exercise, to me there seems less attraction, and little point. And no, I’m not getting more personal in order to attract readers. I love to write, and if I can share what I write with others through this great new cyber-medium, then I want to go for it. In the end, if a few of you figure out how amazing Pop’rs are along the way, that’s great, too!

2. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Back in The Day, I had a job that involved a lot of travel. Because of this job, I’ve actually been to every single continent except for Antarctica! But I digress. Once on a business trip to Chile, a bunch of us decided to go to Portillo, which is a ski resort high up in the Andes near the border of Chile and Argentina. Portillo still maintains the 1930’s charm that it was born with, and is the oldest ski resort in South America. Anyway, the highest ski lift at the resort climbs to almost 11,000 feet.

I was all decked out in rented attire, and really looked the part of a privileged ski bunny. I guess this is the part of the story where I should tell you that I’m relatively fearless, and also competitive. We had only one “ace” skier in our group, and I offered to take the highest lift with him. I didn’t really think the logistics through, and was confident I’d find a way to get down eventually. The point of this story is I didn’t end up skiing down—I suffered a severe case of altitude sickness on the way up, and wretched all over my cute ski bunny outfit, my equipment, my lift partner…you get the picture. I continued to lose my cookies all the way down the mountain with the ski patrol, and the bus on the way back to Santiago had to stop every 15 minutes or so, in order to let me Call Ralph.

3. If you won the lottery, let’s say $5 million, what would you do with it?

This one’s easy. First of all, I’d pay off my debts, and the debts of all my close family. I’d invest a little of it, so my kids would have a comfortable start when they get out of college. I probably would donate the rest, most notably to the Alzheimer’s Association. Both my Mom and her twin sister suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease in the latter years of their lives.

4. Now that you and the hubby are "empty nesters", do you have any big trips planned? Are there any specific places you would like to visit that you’ve never been?

I’m a little embarrassed to say this. I have two REALLY BIG trips coming up, and neither involves either Moker or an exotic destination. My girls are both on the swim team at Larry U. I’m going to the big Conference Meet at Grinnell College, smack dab in the middle of Iowa, smack dab in the middle of February. So I think I’ll be fighting flight delays and snow drifts in between swim sessions. The next big trip is a week spent apartment hunting with College Girl. She’s graduating in June, and is making post-college plans. She claims to need her Mommy for this exercise, so we’ll spend some “quality” time together then!

As far as “pleasure” travel is concerned…I’ve never been to either the Florida Keys or Cuba, and would love to go. I love funky tropical destinations!

5. There are many causes that are near and dear to my heart that will inspire me to get off my lazy butt and take action…..such as curing Cancer, Alzheimer’s….things that have affected my family, thus me, personally. One of the biggest causes that tugs at my heartstrings, though, is anything to do with helping animals in need…because they cannot speak for themselves. You have always supported those causes with me and I thank you for that. Is there any one specific cause that is really important to you that maybe fills your heart a little more than any others? If so, what is it and why?

Yes…I’ve been concerned about the homeless population in this country for quite some time. With so many people out of work these days, homelessness is becoming even more of a problem, especially with families who just can’t seem to make ends meet. My good friend Melissa B. has turned me on to a non-profit organization in DC that does amazing things with that city’s homeless population. So, to go back to Question #3, about winning the lottery. I think I would investigate starting up similar organizations in other US cities. I realize that there’s a structure in place to assist these kinds of folks, but so many of our public—and private—institutions are buckling under the weight of so much need these days. I’d love to find a way to help out.

Thanks so much, Karla...Now it's someone else's turn! If you would like me to interview you, just leave a comment and I will e-mail you the questions! Here are the directions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by e-mailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
6. Enjoy your time in the limelight!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

He Feeds More than My Soul

The following was scribbled as part of the Random Complexity Writing Challenge, over at In Search of Giants. Word Count: 335.

We met in college. We shared the same major. But that was where the similarities ended.

Moker admired Dirty Harry. I had a passion for Barbra Streisand. I swam laps. He thought Speedos belonged only on effeminate young men on the beach at St.-Tropez.

The man was a golfer, for goodness sake! He wore Polos even off the golf course. The only folks I’d ever seen in Polos—especially those in shades of chartreuse and tangerine—were effeminate young men in Greenwich Village, during a college summer in NYC.

My Best Bud Debbie said we were “meant for each other.” That she could tell we were “soulmates.” But there the clichés ended. Because it wasn’t meant to be.

But the more I saw of him, the more we became comfortable in our ways. The Dirty Harry fan took me to more than one Chick Flick. And I even once rose before the sun did and, discarding my usual uniform of jeans and a T, donned khaki and a Polo to attend a PGA Golf Tournament with him.

We were there 12 hours, and I have to say that I enjoyed myself—because he was there.

He’s Norwegian, from the Upper Midwest. I’m a Southern Gal. He’s parsimonious in his prose, sometimes going hours without a single word to anyone. I can talk a blue streak, with anybody, anytime.

Debbie was right, of course. As the ’80s turned into the ’90s, and the New Century dawned, we watched the seasons of married life fly by. Two kids and years beyond college, we’re still together.

And no, this isn’t a post commemorating our anniversary. That comes up in the Spring. Today, I’m honoring a note he left on the kitchen table. A memo, of sorts, just a quick FYI, scribbled in a Husband’s Scrawl, which greeted me when I returned from doing laps yesterday morning.

“Hello...I’m cooking dinner tonight.”

That’s all he had to say to win my heart yet again. He had me. After “hello.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There's a New Sheriff in Town

Sort of puts me in mind of the time Aunt Julie and I had a Good Ol' Time at the Fort Worth Stockyards. The White Elephant Saloon, as I recall...but that's fodder for another post!

While I'm on the record as supporting
Hot Tub Lizzy for President (Packer Plaid, and all), good luck to the New Guy. He's gonna need it!

And remember...when in doubt, you can always cook up a mess o'
John McCain Ribs and Obama Family Chili!

Monday, January 19, 2009

From Veggie Mom's Library, to Yours

Everyone in the Pop'rs Family is a reader. Aunt Julie and Veggie Mom, who've been SILs since the Dawn of Time, often exchange books back and forth, and count The Poisonwood Bible as a mutual favorite; The Boys and Uncle Lynn, but especially Shark Boy, prefer James Patterson-type novels; Moker reads everyone and everything; College Girl is currently reading Marley & Me, and The Wild One is the most unusual in the bunch: Although she received the Olsen Twins' book, Influence, for Christmas, she is most into books she reads in college these days, Plato's Republic among them.

Annie sent this Bloggy Book Meme my way the other day. She received the gift from BookWormMom, who was gifted by A Reader's Respite. The meme originated with A Striped Armchair.

A few Rules, natch:
  1. Tag 3-5 people, so the fun keeps going!
  2. Leave a comment at the original post at A Striped Armchair, so that Eva, the originator, can collect everyone’s answers.
  3. If you leave a comment and link back to Eva as the meme’s creator, she will enter you in a book giveaway contest! She has a whole shelf devoted to giveaway books that you’ll be able to choose from, or a BookMooch Point, if you prefer.
  4. Remember that this is all about enjoying books as physical objects, so feel free to describe the exact book you’re talking about, down to that warping from being dropped in the bath water…
  5. Make the meme more fun with visuals! Covers of the specific edition you’re talking about, photos of your bookshelves, etc.

So, here goes:

The books that’ve been on your shelves the longest. That's easy. The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh, by A.A. Milne, and Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White. Oh, and don't forget Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans.

A book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time, etc.). When I was a senior in high school, I went on this Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning kick. This is the purest of love stories, made even more romantic because both Robert and Elizabeth were poets. The 19th-century lovers began their courtship in letters. For college graduation, my Dad bought me The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volumes I and II, which covered the courtship as well as the years of their marriage. Here's a photo of the books, which have a place of honor on one of Grandma Vera's marble tables in my living room. Dad also gave me the antique brass bookends that support this 1897 collection.

A book you acquired in some interesting way (gift, serendipity in a used bookstore, prize, etc.). A couple of years ago I was traveling on Midwest Airlines. After making a connection in Milwaukee, I noticed a book left behind by a previous passenger: For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway. The book was stamped with the name of a high school in Madison, Wisconsin. I started reading, and took Hemingway with me when we landed. A couple of days later I finished the classic, and tracked down the address of the high school. I mailed the book back, knowing the kid who left it behind would probably have to pay a fine for losing it!

The most recent addition to your shelves. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Diaz. Won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction last year. I just started it a couple of days ago, but I'm hooked!

A book that’s been with you to the most places. I drug my old tattered college copy Roget's Thesaurus around with me for years. Now computers, Word and Google make Roget's almost beside the point. But I still thumb through it on occasion. Sort of like comfort food for the brain.

A bonus book that you want to talk about but doesn’t fit into the other questions. The Opposite of Fate, by Amy Tan. This collection of essays speaks to me. This might be why: "Who knows where inspiration comes from," Tan says in one of her pieces. "Perhaps it arises from desperation. Perhaps it comes from the flukes of the universe, the kindness of the muses."

And the three I tag for this meme?

  • Mindless Junque. Heather is a Daughter of the Universe. I know her choices will be cosmic!
  • Lulaville. We'll have to pull her away from Battlestar Gallactica and Lost, but I know Lula definitely will have something to say! Count on Twilight being included.
  • Texas Word Tangle. Rhea is a reader. Plain and simple.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gran Torino's Quite a Ride

I think I might have mentioned that Moker and I are Empty Nesters. We've done a few fun things since September. Gone on "field trips." Stayed in and dined on Jambalaya. Last night we took in a movie, and grabbed a pizza afterward.

When we first started dating, Moker was a big Dirty Harry fan. John Wayne, too. And, of course, Jack Nicholson, when he was younger and even crazier than he is now.

For Date Night, Moker chose Gran Torino, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. Eastwood says this might be his last flick. Talk about powerful. Sort of Dirty Harry gets PC, only not.

Have you seen any good movies recently? What do you recommend?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wear It Loud and Proud!

Thanks ever-so-much to Marrdy, a Pop'rs Veteran who resides over at One Krazy Kat Lady, and Caroline, over at Caroline's Crafts (one of our recent Pop'rs Giveaway winners) for granting me the Lemonade Award. Here's what Marrdy had to say about Ol' Veggie:

"Veggie Mom at Eat Your Veggies! is an awesome blogger and a great business woman. Plus things are poppin' over at her place all the time!"

Marrdy, you are such a doll! Although you have to remember that Uncle Lynn really is the Man Behind the Pop'rs. Nevertheless, you've expressed some pretty sweet sentiments. Plus, I love to see my name in print!

As you all well know, even tasty awards like this have rules. So, here goes:

  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude or gratitude!!!
  3. Be sure to link your nominees with your post.
  4. Let them know they received the award by leaving a comment on their most recent post on their blog.
  5. Share the love and link this post to the person that gave you the award!

And here, Dear Hearts, are Whose I Choose. Please have a glass of lemonade, on me!

  1. Pak Adventures
  2. Stitchin' By the Lake
  3. Now Entering Momville
  4. AnnOnAndOn
  5. Deanna's Corner
  6. A Little Bit Nutty
  7. Just Lisa, No Filler
  8. A Little Bit of Life on the Side
  9. Don't Get Married...You Won't Like It
  10. Let Me Think On It

Enjoy your Bloggy Bling, friends...Wear it Loud and Proud!

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Friday...and that means?

Aunt Julie, of course, snapped this awesome photo on the beach a couple of weeks ago in Florida's Panhandle.

Moses, The Pop'rs Family's Lab, has the stick...Rowdy, the family's new puppy, wants the stick. So badly. Who do you think is gonna win this showdown?

Rowdy, of course, was the one who misbehaved on the trip down. Somewhere in Indiana. In an ice storm. In the middle of the night. Kids!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Generally Speaking...

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets
Harrummmmmmmph! Looks like Veggie Mom is going to have to start Upping the Ante. I realize that we're a Family-Friendly Blog, what with Aunt Julie, Uncle Lynn and all those delightful Pop'rs Cousins, but this rating might do some serious damage to our Cyber Self-Esteem! must be all the Giveaways, huh?

When I started blogging way back in June, I didn't have a plan. Didn't have a clue. And all these posts later (209, if you're counting!), it's all come down to this.
On second thought, I think I actually like the concept of being Rated G. Means even more folks can come over here to join the fun, right?

Snagged this poll from Melissa B. over at The Scholastic Scribe. Take it yourself. Just curious, is all...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why I Write~The Challenge, The Battle

Last week, I celebrated my 200th Blog Post. As part of the festivities, I mentioned that I had posted 200 bloggy entries in a row. Yup, since June 16, 2008. Which means that today's post will be Number 208.

Several of you want to know how I do it. Well, I can tell you for sure that it's not magic. I sit down here in my (slightly) chilly basement and often stare at the (dusty) old Dell Desktop for quite some time. Every so often, the words just flow~My Empty Nesters Post comes to mind. The most engaged I feel in the writing process is when my Cyber Buddies throw a bone my way; or when my ultimately creative SIL, Aunt Julie, has something pretty potent to say.

(And no, for those of you who are new to This Place or who might have forgotten~Aunt Julie and Veggie Mom are not the same person. She is she, and I am I, and that's the way it will forever be!)

Sometimes, like most of us in the Blogosphere, I write with a purpose. Sometimes, I write just for the heck of it. But the thing I'm most proud of is that I write. Every Day. The exercise is good for my mind, and keeps my fingers nimble.

Tiffany, of Poetry and Hums, seems to be a serious writer. She applies herself to her craft, and alerted us on Monday to a Writing Challenge. It's not a contest, but a quest, proposed a blogger named Aerin, over at In Search of Giants. The object is to write at least 1,000 words a month of creative non-fiction (which I love to compose) or fiction (which I don't have the grey matter to produce).

The Rules of the Challenge are simple. The Gauntlet has been thrown. And while I'm no fencer nor medieval knight, I have metaphorically picked up this piece of armor and I'm going into battle. I challenge you, dear friends, to do the same.

I only hope that Pop'rs Giveaways, Bloggy Bling and Misdirected Musings are allowed as part of my word count.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And Up Pop'd Three Great Recipes!

You Pop'rs Pals out there might recall that Tracy's Little Guy Ben did the Pop'rs Infomercial over here on Saturday. Inquiring Minds wanted to know...What was that delicious warm drink he was a-brewing?

Ben used Cocoa Pop'rs to concoct Chocolate Mint Swirl. Being the Perfect Pop'rs Pal, Tracy blogged about it last weekend, and shared two other glasses of Warm Winter Cheer with us...which, coincidentally, also contain Pop'rs as that "secret ingredient"!

Chocolate Mint Swirl
Add Mint Truffle creamer to a cup of hot cocoa. Sprinkle with Cocoa Pop'rs to get the crackling started. Top with whipped cream. Sprinkle with Andes Creme de Menthe baking chips and more Cocoa Pop'rs.

Razzle Dazzle
Add Chocolate Raspberry creamer to a cup of hot cocoa. Sprinkle with Raspberry Pop'rs. Top with whipped cream, and sprinkle with more Raspberry Pop'rs, Cocoa Pop'rs, or both.

Spiced Apple
Add Cinnamon Pop'rs to a cup of hot cider (spiced is even better). Top with whipped cream and more Cinnamon Pop'rs. I can imagine this would be heavenly drizzled with caramel!

Thanks so much, Tracy! You're a true-blue Pop'rs Pal!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Congrats to Our Fabulous Five!

Breaking News for all you Pop'rs Pals out there: After 387 entries (including all those wonderful bloggers who Shared the Linky Love, and blogged about the Giveaway), Uncle Lynn selected Five Fabulous Winners in our Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway.

Selected by Random Drawing, our Winners Are (drumroll, please):

So here's whatcha gotta do, gals: E-mail me at veggiemom@poprs(dot)com to claim your prize. Each one of you Lovely Ladies receives a boxful containing eight flavors of Pop'rs, that delightful seasoning that encourages one and all to Eat Their Veggies! Plus, Uncle Lynn is providing each winner plus family members with amazing Pop'rs T-Shirts, just like Ben is wearing in this cool video and Zander is modeling in this adorable photo shoot! And don't forget Vicki's cute family, who kicked the whole thing off last week!

When you e-mail me, please include all your contact info, including a phone contact, 'cause we ship Pop'rs via FedEx. And don't forget to let me know T-shirt sizes, for one and all!

Today's Pop'rs Pic features Michelle's Mr. Man, who starred in yesterday's awesome video. Thanks to everyone who entered and all who contributed photos and videos. This was the Best Pop'rs Giveaway Ever! Don't you agree?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pop'rs to the Rescue!

Meet Mr. Man. He's a Pop'rs Fan. But before we get to him, I wanted to remind you that this is the last day to enter The Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway. Click Here for details. Uncle Lynn is picking Five Grand Prize Winners after the contest closes at 11:59 tonight, so you'd better get crackin'!

So, back to Mr. Man and his Pop'rs, that good-for-you seasoning that helps turn kids into healthy eaters. Mr. Man's Mom, Michelle, was one of the winners of our Great New Pop'rs Thanksgiving Extravaganza. Michelle blogs at Honest & Truly, and has some pretty up-front things to say about Pop'rs:

"We're definitely loving the Pop'rs around here," Michelle says. "They were great on my popcorn last night (I may make some Cinnamon/Butter for my husband tonight), and they're great on yogurt--Mister Man's personal favorite. We usually go through five of the eight flavors in a bowl of yogurt. He puts one (or two) on, eating the bites that have that/those flavor(s) in them and then adds more of a different flavor. Too cute!"

Mr. Man apparently has a Preferred Pop'rs flavor, as well. "Color Burst is his favorite," Michelle explains, "because it changes colors. AND because when you eat them straight from your hand, it turns your tongue blue. We love changing the color of our tongues. Gotta love being 5!"

Ever the observant Consumer Mom, Michelle has a couple of suggestions for Uncle Lynn, too.

"I would love to see the Pop'rs come in a larger size, as we're really going through these," Michelle says. "Also, for the four- and eight-packs...neither of the wee ones like spicy foods, and getting them to eat the Taco and Buffalo is a challenge (meaning it isn't happening). We may be in the minority (Mister Man won't do Butter, either), but have you thought about putting together a kid pack together with Cocoa, Color Burst and two of the fruit flavors? My husband and I will eat the Buffalo and Taco but don't 'need' the extra veggies...but it would be great to be able to get flavors just for the wee ones!"

Thanks for the suggestions, Michelle. And please thank Mr. Man for being such a Perfect Pop'rs Pal.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kids For Pop'rs & A Great New Years Giveaway!

Hey, there, all you Pop'rs Pals! Meet Ben, who's doing an "infomercial" for the Pop'rs his Mom Tracy P. won in one of Uncle Lynn's Giveaways! Tomorrow, Five Grand Prize Winners will walk away not only with a Complete Set of Pop'rs, but also with Pop'rs Wear for the Whole Family! Check out the awesome T-shirt that Ben's showcasing in this vid.

For more info on The Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway, Click Here! The Giveaway closes tomorrow night at 11:59 p.m. EST. Uncle Lynn will select our Five Grand Prize Winners via Random Drawing, and I'll announce all this Bloggy Bling right here on Monday Morning!

Ben's Mom, Tracy P., runs The Journey. The "P" Family just got back from a 16-day, 3,600-mile Mega-Christmas-Trip to see the Grandparents. Check out Tracy's Vay-Cay Photos to see how much fun these folks had!

Tracy is also the one who turned on Aunt Julie and Moi to Beer Cheese Soup during Aunt Julie's *Recipe Week* in November. I have to say that we're all pretty addicted now, along with several of our Bloggy Friends!

BTW, Ben is putting Cocoa Pop'rs in a delightful-looking beverage known as Chocolate Mint Swirl. If you listen carefully, you can hear the Pop'rs "singing" in the mug. Tracy is quite the connoisseur in the kitchen. I recently tried her Mint Meltaways, which are To Die For! Would you mind sharing your secrets for Chocolate Mint Swirl, Tracy?

Remember, to enter The Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway, all you have to do is comment! Comment Early! Comment Often! Just Do It!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fx4: Frankie and Cupid Have a Pop'rs Party...And Don't Forget the Giveaway!

Meet Frankie & Cupid, my Bloggy Friends from over at Fractured Toy. Mannequin set them up with a Sweet Pop'rs Snack, and then blogged about it last Sunday!

All by way of saying Two Important Things to my Pop'rs Pals:
  1. Just three days left for our Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway. Enter early! Enter often! Just comment up a storm, and you might win Pop'rs Galore!
  2. Please drop by and Play Along with Candid Carrie and her Friday Foto Finish Fiesta! That's why I saved these Phun Photos Phor Phriday!

OK, back to our Regularly Scheduled Program. Where were we? Oh, yeah...Frankie & Cupid. Here's what The Lovely Mannequin had to say in her post, entitled, A Pop'rs Party!

~After discovering how good POP'rs Cocoa is in milk, Frankie and Cupid have a POP'rs Party! Everyone had their favorites, and a good time was had by all.~

Please join Mannequin and her Pop'rs Pals, and enter our Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway today. Don't be shy; time's passing you by!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pop'rs in the News & A Sweet, Sweet Giveaway!

So, Pop'rs Pals, you know that you've only got four more days to enter The Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway, right? Right! Here are the details, in case you've forgotten:

  • First off, we're picking Five Grand Prize Winners. Each winner scores a complete set of Pop'rs...All Eight Flavors! ...and T-Shirts for the whole family!
  • All you have to do for one entry is leave a comment on my blog. The more comments, the more entries! Comment about anything...the weather, your family, my family, Pop'rs. The sky's the limit!
  • For an extra 10 entries, post about this contest on your blog, and send me the link.
  • The Giveaway runs through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 11, 2009.
  • Uncle Lynn will pick our Five Grand Prize Winners by Random Drawing, and I'll make The Big Announcement right here on Monday, January 12! So Get Poppin', and get those Comment Entries in to me, OK?

Today, I just wanted to brag a little, if that's OK. Uncle Lynn's company is a tiny little outfit up in Northeastern Wisconsin. And with only 20 employees, The Pop'rs King has to cover a lot of ground himself. Recently, though, the local media has given him a helping hand.

You've read the fanTAbulous article from last week's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, right? If not, please Click Here to get schooled! The story appeared on the Journal's Web site on Christmas Eve, and ran in the paper the next day. What a great way to kick off the New Year!

Well, the hits Just Keep on Comin'.

Uncle Lynn was interviewed by a Green Bay TV station yesterday, and appeared on the 6 and 10 o'clock news. He's gonna be on Green Bay's Channel 5 this morning (6 a.m.) on a show called Wisconsin Works, PLUS his interview will stream live on radio, also at 6 this morning. When we get the TV footage, we'll post it!

The whole object of these shenanigans is to get Pop'rs on to grocery store shelves. So the next time you're doing your marketing, have a word with the manager. Tell him Veggie Mom sent you, and, hey, please tell him to check out Eat Your Veggies! while you're at it!

The shots above were taken by photographer Benny Sieu of the Milwaukee paper during recent tour of The Pop'rs Plant. Here, workers are sorting carbonated crystals, the ingredient that puts the Pop! in Pop'rs, into different sizes for packaging.

Pretty neat, huh? So, quick like a bunny, get commenting...and get your entries in for The Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway. Don't delay...Do it today!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Boy and His Pop'rs...And a Great Giveaway!

Almost everyone out there in Bloggy Land is buds with Karla, AKA Z's Mom. You know, she of Zander & Me Fame? You may recall that Karla and Z-Man were the Grand Prize Winners in our Great New Pop'rs Halloween Giveaway. For a cute-as-a-button video of Z and his Pop'rs, Click Here!

Before I explain Zander's Passion for Pop'rs, let me remind everyone out there...You have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. to enter our Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway. Here's the scoop:

  • First off, we're picking Five Grand Prize Winners. Each winner scores a complete set of Pop'rs...All Eight Flavors! ...and T-Shirts for the whole family!
  • All you have to do for one entry is leave a comment on my blog. The more comments, the more entries! Comment about anything...the weather, your family, my family, Pop'rs. The sky's the limit!
  • For an extra 10 entries, post about this contest on your blog, and send me the link.
  • The contest runs through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 11, 2009.
  • Uncle Lynn will pick our Five Grand Prize Winners by Random Drawing, and I'll make The Big Announcement right here on Monday, January 12!
Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Z's Mom just sent me some awesome photos of Zander enjoying his Pop'rs. And some pretty sweet commentary to go along with the snaps! I'm just gonna let Karla tell the tale:

"So, I personally eat Pop'rs straight out of the container," Karla explains. "The Color Burst is my favorite flavor for that. And I like the Chocolate flavor in my milk.....Z does too, and that is what he is pouring into his milk in the picture. He is also pouring the strawberry flavor into some chocolate dip that he has with some cookie sticks. (I know...we're not so healthy here.)"

But wait...there's much more! "I have to be honest; we haven't tried Pop'rs on the veggies," Karla says. "He'll eat veggies without it when he is in the mood....he's very specific about what he wants to eat...when he gets something in his head, then there is no changing his I don't get to experiment with his food much."

But that's OK, Karla! Z-Man is only 2, after all! You're really lucky that he's into veggies at such a young age. And extra special lucky that he's into Pop'rs, too!

And as everyone knows, 2-year-olds are not only particular, but driven: "Z's new thing is every time we go out to eat he wants to pour salt and pepper on everything," his alarmed Mama states, "so we have to hide them. I'm thinking that maybe the next time we go out I will take some Pop'rs with us....then he can pour to his heart's content and I don't have to worry about messing up his food.....I thought maybe the buffalo or taco...."

Great idea, Karla! Uncle Lynn, especially, loves the way you think!

And you know what another Awesome Idea would be? To enter The Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway! There's still time!! Let's Get Poppin'!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Experimenting with Pop'rs & Trying a Pop'rs Giveaway!

What do Rachael and Aunt Julie have in common? Well, first of all, they're surrounded by boys! Rachael has three, and Julie Eliz has four. And what else forges a bond between the two? Why, they're both crazy mad for Pop'rs!

Welcome to Day 3 of The Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway. The Rules and Particulars, as you know by now, are Simple as Pie:
  • We're picking Five Grand Prize Winners. Each winner scores a complete set of Pop'rs...All Eight Flavors! ...and T-Shirts for the family!
  • All you have to do for one entry is leave a comment on my blog. The more comments, the more entries! Comment on every post this week! Comment multiple times on one post! Comment about anything...the weather, your family, my family, Pop'rs. The sky's the limit!
  • For an Extra 10 Entries, post about this contest on your blog, and send me the link.
  • The contest runs until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 11, 2009.
  • Uncle Lynn will pick our Five Grand Prize Winners by Random Drawing, and I'll make The Big Announcement right here on Monday, January 12!
So, what does Rachael, a Grand Prize Winner in our Great New Pop'rs Thanksgiving Extravaganza, have to say about Pop'rs, that good-for-you seasoning that encourages everyone to Eat Their Veggies?

"We have had lots of fun experimenting with our Pop'rs," Rachael remarks. "Jack & Joe love to eat them on applesauce. Jack loves a combo of the Cinnamon and Color Burst! "

But wait! There's more! "Joe loves the Color Burst...and eating them right out of the container," Rachael continues. "He has sprinkled the Buffalo and Taco on chicken nuggets, as well. "
And what about Chris, the oldest? His Mom says he "loves Chocolate Pop'rs on buttered toast. He has also sprinkled the Butter flavor on green beans!! "

It also seems like Rachael's Guys learned to share at an Early Age. "The boys had their friends try them also," she says, "and they voted Buffalo as their favorite. They ate it on popcorn while watching the Iron Man movie."

If Rachael's Three Amigos, pictured above, aren't a good endorsement for Uncle Lynn's Pop'rs, I don't know what is.

"I would definitely recommend Popr's to others," Rachael concludes, "especially if you have children that don't like to eat their veggies." Thanks, Bloggy Friend! Veggie Mom couldn't have said it better herself!

So, what are you waiting for? Come Join The Fun!

Monday, January 5, 2009

200 Posts & A Great Giveaway!

Veggie Mom's celebrating an Anniversary of sorts today. This is my~count 'em!~200th Post! To Commemorate and All That Jazz, I'm hosting a Giveaway, and sharing some Bloggy Bling, too!

First off, to
The Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway. The rules are simple:
  • We're picking Five Grand Prize Winners. Each winner scores a complete set of Pop'rs...All Eight Flavors! ...and T-Shirts for the family!
  • All you have to do for one entry is leave a comment on my blog. The more comments, the more entries! Comment on every post this week! Comment multiple times on one post! Comment about anything...the weather, your family, my family, Pop'rs. The sky's the limit!
  • For an Extra 10 Entries, post about this contest on your blog, and send me the link.
  • The contest runs until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 11, 2009.
  • Uncle Lynn will pick our Five Grand Prize Winners by Random Drawing, and I'll make The Big Announcement right here on Monday, January 12!

Next up, I'd like to award some Bloggy Bling to commemorate my 200th Post. Sure didn't know what I was headed for when I started this Blogging Business, way back in June. Do you realize that I've posted Every. Single. Day since June 16, 2008? That's some Mighty Prodigious Posting! Hey, maybe I should be getting the bling, instead of you? There must be an award for this kind of enjoyable insanity out there, somewhere!

Anyway, I'd like to continue a tradition I started Way Back in November, with my 150th Post. For that milestone, I created the My Blog is Pop-tastic Award. It's sort of modeled after the great Pop Artists of the '50s and '60s. They were Innovators. They were Cutting Edge. And I pretty much feel that way about many of you, too!

As with all Bloggy Bling, the My Blog is Pop-tastic Award comes with a couple of Rules and Regs:

  • When you receive The Award, please post it on your blog, linking back to the person who gave it to you.
  • In addition, please link to This Post and This Post, which explains the origins of The Award.
  • Please visit Veggie Mom's November Post, which explains the origins of The Award, and Sign Mr. Linky, so we'll be able to keep a record of all whose Blogs are Pop-tastic! Feel free to leave a comment, too!!
  • Pass The Award along to SIX Bloggy Friends, whose creativity merits inclusion in this circle. Link to their blogs in your Awards Post, and notify them that they've received The Award!

That's it, kids. Except for the Awarding of The Bling, I guess. I know all of my Bloggy Friends deserve this, but I'm forced to name just six. I hereby present the My Blog Is Pop-tastic award to the Following Friends, who've made Eat Your Veggies! such a fun and fulfilling journey:

  1. Annie. She comments every day, and is almost always the first one out there!
  2. Vicki. She's generous, she's creative, and she's also up for another Pretty Impressive Blog Award. For more info on that, Click Here.
  3. Rachael. She's another prolific~and quite creative~blogger, and the Mom of three boys. She deserves the award on that basis, alone!
  4. Mannequin. She's been with me almost since the beginning. And her Frankie and Cupid are two of my Best Blogging Buddies!
  5. Anonymom. She has so much to say! And seriously believes in Sharing the Comment Love!
  6. Gombojav. She got Pop'rs for Christmas...What a present! To read more about that, Click Here!

So, there you have it. 200 Posts, A Great Giveaway, and some Bloggy Bling to celebrate! So, what are ya waiting for? Let's Get Poppin'!