Monday, June 16, 2008

Let's Get Poppin'!

Mom's running late, Dad's stuck in traffic, and the kids are Home Alone--snuggled up to the Boob Tube and munchin' away. The chips & salsa are the first to evaporate down the gullets of the Wee Ones. Then the ice cream bites the dust. And so on, and so forth. By the time a Parental hits the front hallway, nobody's interested in Family Dinner Time.

We've started this blog because we've had this experience--we've lived this experience over & over, like the re-runs of a bad movie--too many times. And with childhood obesity off the charts & nutrition losing out, too, we thought we'd start a forum for those of you who care if your kid swallows Too Many Donuts in one sitting. Not that donuts are a bad thing, but still...

That age-old admonition, doled out by Moms, Uncles, Grandmas & sometimes even Dear Old Dad on occasion still holds true. If you Eat Your Veggies (and Don't Forget the Fruits!), chances are you'll live longer. Hotshots at places like Harvard report that a modest consumption of 4 1/2 cups of Fruits & Veggies per day will produce a lot of positive outcomes: lower blood pressure; reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and probably some cancers; lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and a mellowing effect on blood sugar that can help keep appetite in check.

Trouble is, a lot of us don't like to hear about the Crunchy Side of Life. We have deep-seated suspicions about spinach, carrots, rutabagas (rutabagas?), broccoli & tomatoes (they're fruits, ya know). That's where Pop'rs come in.

OK, we have an ulterior motive in this message, but it's a good one that people should know about. Sprinkle some Pop'rs on that salad, & suddenly you're Cookin' With Gas. Pop'rs add great flavor, and fun, to just about any kind of food, from applesauce to broccoli--all the way thru the alphabet, to yogurt and beyond. Just like that exploding candy that you remember from when you were a kid, Pop'rs have an added kick--as the name implies, they go POP! These delightful seasonings come in 1-ounce shaker jars, easy for even very young kids to handle. AND--all Pop'rs contain kid-healthy vitamins.

Who can argue with that? Flavors include cinnamon, chocolate, strawberry (made with real strawberry powder), raspberry (made with real raspberry powder), butter, taco, buffalo & a really cool color change called Color Burst (that one is really good with yogurt).

Over time, we want to tell our Friends in the Blogosphere more about our company, where the idea for Pop'rs started, what people are saying about the product, and more. You can look forward to contests, recipes & even crazy Mr. Wizard-type experiments on video. But mostly, we are hosting this blog as a forum for you, Dear Reader. Do you think Great Auntie Edna gives Junior too much to eat when he visits? Are you tired of Sister feeding her spinach to the dog? We're here to listen to your comments & ideas about life, nutrition, kids and, of course, about our products, including new uses and flavor ideas. Maybe we can become the Ben & Jerry's of the popping seasoning world!

So sit back, relax, and join the fun. Don't be afraid to Eat Your Veggies--Pop'rs are here!


Gina said...

I'm excited to see what Pops up here and at the other blog. My kids BEG for Pop'rs on their food. We love them and are more than willing to help in spreading the word!
Welcome to the blogshpere!

Veggie Mom said...

Gina: Stay tuned! I'm really excited to be part of the Blogging Family. We're going to be doing a Pop'rs Giveaway this week--fingers crossed that all the stars & the technology are in alignment. Thanks for visiting, and stop by again real soon!