Friday, June 27, 2008

Of Deadlines, Blueberry Pie & How to Play With Your Food

Ah, Summertime! Gotta love the long days, the cool (sometimes) nights & the extra time to spend with family & friends.

Because Summer is such a special time, with extra moments to cram between the nooks & crannies of our busy lives, I decided to start a blog. And to inaugurate my latest endeavor, Uncle Lynn, the Pop'r King (& my Most Esteemed brother-in-law, BTW) gave me the chance to thank all my Bloggy Friends by running a Contest.

If you tuned in a couple of days ago, you'll know that we launched Giveaway Tuesday #1. The Deadline has been extended to Sunday, so make sure you enter! As Uncle Lewie used to say, "Nothing is free, except when it is." And that's exactly Uncle Lynn's belief. So, make sure you ENTER TODAY! I'd love to win Free Pop'rs myself, except I imagine I'm not eligible. Well, ethics are a good thing, right?

And speaking of eligibility, I tried Aunt Julie's Blueberry Pie recipe. MMMMMMM....GOOD! Blueberry season lasts for a good long while, so hope you take advantage of all Mother Nature has to offer. I can't think of a better way to honor the Bounty of the Season!

One more thing, before I skedaddle. The Pop'r King and two of my nephews are on their way down to New Orleans on a business trip, of sorts. Pop'rs, a family-run company, is exhibiting at a trade show sponsored by The Institute of Food Technologists. As near as I can tell, it's a convention that pulls together the Greatest Minds in Food--including Pop'rs. Uncle Lynn's amazing product is part science & part art; he's one of the leaders in a wave aiming to improve the sensory & nutrition side of the business.
As some of you know, Pop'rs are the ultimate in sensory eating experiences. Uncle Lynn's product actually encourages kids to play with their food. Please enter our Contest to find out why!


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Hope your contest is going well!

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