Monday, June 30, 2008


Uncle Lynn, the Pop'r King, is pleased to announce the winners in our first-ever Pop'rs Giveaway! Each winner will receive two free flavors of Pop'rs.

  • Megan, at Reed's Home for Our Savior, says her 2-year-old "won't touch anything green, and even turns down most fruits." We hope Pop'rs will help him Eat His Veggies!

  • Cindi reports that her family could use more convincing to eat broccoli, cauliflower and peas. We're going to be sending some Buffalo and Taco Pop'rs her way, without delay!

  • Elizabeth, who blogs at blueviolet, says her daughter "hates carrots and celery, and I can't figure out why." We hope Pop'rs will solve your conundrum, Elizabeth!

  • Angie, aka John Deere Mom, informs us that her kids don't like most cooked veggies, but they do love BUTTER. We'll send some Pop'rs your way, Angie, and see if that does the trick!

  • Sean, over at DC Sports Plus and one of two men to enter our contest (we're an equal opportunity blog, ya know!), tells us that his sisters hate most veggies, but if he snuck some chocolate-flavored Pop'rs into their meals, they might be agreeable. If not, Sean plans to keep the Pop'rs all for himself!

  • Speaking of being KooKooForCocoaPuffs, Lynette laments that "If I could get my youngest to eat anything other than chocolate or sugar-coated stuff, I'd be living large, I tell you!!" We're sending Pop'rs to the Rescue!

  • Deanna, proprietor of Deanna's Corner, says Her Hubby absolutely shuns green beans. Do we have a Pop'rs Surprise for him!

  • Brandy, who definitely is Not Your Average Soccer Mom, blogged poetically about Pop'rs' ability to "spice up your food." She predicts that your kids will eat broccoli, for goodness sakes, if Pop'rs are involved. We're gonna put her family to the test!

  • Sherri, over at Kaysville Momma, boasts of her "Random Ramblings" on her blog, but nothing was random about her Pop'rs Post. Hope Pop'rs help out in the veggies department, Sherri!

  • Jena, who manages A Scrap in Time, tells us that her 5-year-old will only eat fruits, and that she'll Eat Her Veggies when she "gets older." As soon as the Pop'rs arrive, we expect Little Miss will be growing up mighty fast!

Thanks to all of you who entered our giveaway. We'll be running another Pop'rs Contest next week, so Stay Tuned!


Brandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandy said...

I emailed by picks to you! Great contest!



Brandy said...

*my picks*

I hate typos!

Deanna said...

We are sitting anxiously by the mailbox! Thanks again!

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