Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Feeling Sluggish? This Bud's for You!

Slugs can pose quite a problem for you gardeners. Not only do the slimy critters feed on leaves and stems, they also gnaw away at the below-ground root systems of your veggies and flowers. While there are a number of organic and chemical treatments to help rid your garden of these creepy, crawly critters, I've hit on a realiable antidote.

Take your slugs to Happy Hour!

No, don't think a Margarita or a Manhattan will do the trick. Slugs, oddly enough, are attracted to the fermentation process. What works for me--and countless other gardeners--is to buy the slugs a beer.

I create "Slug Traps" using empty and washed-out tuna or cat food cans. Place the cans every few feet around the garden, making sure the edge is about one inch above ground level, and fill 'em with beer in the evening. The next morning, you'll find dozens of quite nasty--and quite dead!-- slugs in your beer-infused traps.

Researchers at Colorado State University have found that Kingsbury Malt Beverage, Michelob, and Budweiser attract slugs far better than other brands. And for those of you who are tea-totallers--even where slimy slugs are concerned--experts say that grape juice and tea brewed with yeast, honey and water might also do the trick.

If anyone out there in the Blogosphere has tried this method, I'd like to hear what you think about it. Also, I'm always up for other suggestions for controlling pesky garden pests!

So, don't despair. Remember, This Bud's not always for you. Your friend the slug would love a sip, too!


m~ said...

Amen! My slugs like a little Bud themselves, works great! Thanks for stopping by. M~

Melissa B. said...

Eeeewww! I HATE slugs! Thanks for the tips--I'll try them this afternoon, & let you know how it goes. BTW, for another look at the lighter side of summer, please tune in to my blog Sunday for another edition of the Silly Sweepstakes! :)

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