Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Giveaway was a Bloomin' Success!

Congrats to M~, of The Suburban Farmer, and Veronica, of Supermarket Serenade, the Random Drawing Winners of our Great Pop'rs Giveaway! Uncle Lynn, The Pop'r King, will ship each gal a complete set of Pop'rs--that fun and actually good-for-you seasoning--to try with her family. Remember, Pop'rs come in eight fantabulous flavors--Cinnamon, Colorburst, Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, Butter, Taco, and Buffalo--that can be sprinkled over all kinds of foods, from broccoli to yogurt--literally, To Infinity and Beyond!--as Soccer Boy and Buzz Lightyear used to say!

Uncle Lynn, Aunt Julie, Soccer Boy, and The Gang are really looking forward to what M~ and Veronica have to say about Pop'rs! Veronica asked in her entry post if Pop'rs are available in stores--right now, these vitamin-infused seasonings can be ordered exclusively online from Uncle Lynn, The Pop'r King. And The Pop'r King wants you to know that he's now offering Pop'rs at a new, reduced, recession-proof price--so just click on his name and order yours today!

Our Great Pop'rs Giveaway was so Bloomin' Successful that Aunt Julie, The Pop'r Queen, wanted to share a gardening photo and a tip with her Dear Bloggy Readers. Aunt Julie has been trying like mad to grow the Delphiniums pictured above for years. Trouble was, she planted these delightful perennials on the west side of the house, resulting in stringy, skinny, scrawny plants, with few blooms. In a nutshell, Auntie J. was frustrated. I'll let her explain the problem.

"They are one of my favorite flowers, and I have never had any luck with them coming back a second season," The Pop'r Queen laments. "I had an open spot in the east-facing garden this year, so I tried just one delphinium. It was a great success, so I moved the ones from the opposite side of the house there also. Some of the flowers are topping out at 53 inches now!" Aunt Julie will have to wait 'til next spring to see what happens, but for now, she's more than happy with this season's accomplishment!

That Aunt Julie is a pretty accomplished--but awfully modest--gal, isn't she? The thing she does brag on though, besides Uncle Lynn and her four boys, is Pop'rs. We'll be offering more Great Giveaways this summer, so drop in soon. And don't forget to Share the Comment Love!


And Baby Will Make 4 said...

Congrats on a succesful contest. I look forward to seeing what you have in the future!

And yay! to Aunt Julie getting the delphiniums to grow. I love those flowers...they were actually in my bridal bouquet. I am not a green thumb but every year give several planters a try and this year has been my best yet. Every planter is full to the brim with daisies and vinka's and pentas!

Veggie Mom said...

Baby: Thanks to you and everyone who participated in the contest! Don't forget--Uncle Lynn will authorize another giveaway in a couple of weeks or so, so stay tuned! And I'll pass along your words of praise to Aunt Julie--congrats on a successful garden this year!

Caroline said...

Oh good, I didn't miss out on the only giveaway. Thanks for coming to check my blog out. For being a new blogger, you certainly have a lot of bloggy friends. BTW, the pics are great!

Veggie Mom said...

Caroline: It's all about sharing the comment love, don'tcha think? Drop on by soon for more Giveaway News. I'm proud to add you as one of my Bloggy Friends. I'll let Aunt Julie know that her photography expertise is well-appreciated!

m~ said...

Yea, I'm so excited! I can't wait to try some Pop'rs! I'll let you know what we think aftr we've had a try!

auntjulie said...

Does anyone know what to do with the delphinium plant after is flowers? I cut the spent blossoms off, but don't know what to do next because I have never had one live this long. I am tempted to let it keep growing until fall, then trim it back. HELP!

Jennifer in OR said...

Beautiful delphiniums! Way to go, Aunt Julie! Looking forward to the next context, I'll try to remember to promote it over at my place! Summer blogging has been in a slump for me - it's toooooo nice outside!!

Veggie Mom said...

Jenn: It sure is too nice out to hang out in front of a computer screen all day! Thanks for coming in from the mid-day summer sun for a trip through my blog.

Brandy said...

Actually, I haven't received them yet...I've been waiting anxiously in order to try them and I will let you know when I do!

The deer reaching for peaches and the party is every night around here! LOL! No, really we've been in it the last 3 out of 4 nights...it's very relaxing.

Thanks for stopping by again! (AND I'm very excited to see my name on your blogroll...wooooohoooo!!)