Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eat Your Veggies! And, Watch for Our Next Giveaway!

Caitlyn, the toddler featured in this clip from YouTube, seems pretty resistant to the idea of eating veggies. Of course, she's too young to know about serious concerns like eating healthy. But her Dad should get clued in: Caitlyn might not like veggies the way he prepares them, but if he put some Pop'rs on them, all that head-shaking would disappear quickly, along with Caitlyn's food!

Stay tuned, Dear Readers, for our Upcoming Giveaway. Uncle Lynn, the Pop'r King, has given me permission to launch our next contest on Tuesday, July 8, and it's a fun one. Stay tuned!


Melissa B. said...

Where do people come up with these things? Do you think they coached Caitlyn?

Veggie Mom said...

Melissa: Thanks for dropping by! YouTube has some silly stuff out there, doesn't it?