Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keep Your Vay-Kay Safe!

This sign is kind of a scary sight isn't it? Aunt Julie took this photo during a Pop'rs Family Vacation near Port St. Joe, FL, last summer. Let's let her tell the story:

"I was lamenting to a local restaurant owner that I was having trouble finding sand dollars, and that the sand bar where we usually found them was no longer there. He gave me directions to the best place for shelling, so I headed out to explore. No one wanted to go along, so I went alone. "

OK, Auntie J., so far so good. Then what? "I pulled into a small parking lot at this secluded beach and was greeted by this sign. I called my family and told them that I was at this really cool beach, but that if I failed to return…And read them the sign. My college-aged boys pleaded with me to stay in the car and not to 'be stupid'. But I explored the beach anyway. And 10 minutes later, my entire family was there."

Obviously, The Pop'rs Family wasn't eaten by sharks, nor do they appear to have been afraid of the rip currents. The question, however, remains: Did they find any sand dollars?

This photo puts Vacation Safety in mind. Here are the Top 10 Things you should keep in mind when considering the safety of your Vay-Kay this summer, according to the Web site, Health A to Z:

  • Collecting the first-aid supplies you need to take with you.
  • Checking to make sure you have the proper immunizations.
  • Will your health insurance be enough to cover you and your family during your trip?
  • How can you keep your home safe while you're away?
  • Considering measures to protect your family from poison ivy, rabies and other threats.
  • Checking to make sure the water is safe to drink at your vacation spot.
  • Making sure you investigate local cuisine; some native dishes might upset your tummy!
  • Taking precautions to prevent motion sickness.
  • If you're traveling outside the United States, reviewing the driving laws before you get behind the wheel.
  • (OK, this last one is from me!) Following the directions on the sign above, and Paying Attention to All Hazards (including nude sunbathers)!

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Anonymous said...

That sign would have scared the crap out of me and I would NOT have gotten out the car at all! Your family member is very brave. Very brave!

Deanna said...

No wonder that sign says no nudity allowed... it would have scared the pants off of me!!

Melissa B. said...

Wow--can I borrow this snap for my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes sometime? I'll bet I'd get LOTS & LOTS of funny captions for it. Aunt Julie is a pretty brave gal! BTW, don't forget my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow--I've got a pretty funny snap this week!

And Baby Will Make 4 said...

What a scary sign! But I, like you would have ventured past it too!

*goes off to find out what this contest stuff is all about!*

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tara R. said...

PSJ is a beautiful vay-cay spot. You're about 45 minutes down the road from where I am. I like that area cuz it's not so built up and the beaches are gorgeous. Hope you and your family are having great time.

Sunshine said...

Are WE allowed to go to the beach? I almost expected it to say, "No people."

Talk about fun at the beach! ;D

auntjulie said...

Oh, and no, we did not find any sand dollars or any other shells there. I think the reason for the no nudity rule is so they don't have to recover dead NAKED bodies.
There are sure a lot of ways to die, but hey, have a good time!

Jenn said...

Thanks for visiting and adding me to your blogroll! I appreciate it very much.

Jenn said...

That sign would have scared me to death!

All Rileyed Up said...

That sign is hilarious! (Hilarious, of course, because I wasn't actually going to that beach)

Channah said...

Wow! I have to admit, I probably would have taken one look at that sign, and packed everybody back in the car!

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