Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Than a Patchwork of Memories

With the beautiful photos of Trouble Elizabeth and his best bud, Moses, and the pelican cruising so far from the beach, we've already established that Aunt Julie is the artistic sort. Her amazing creative portfolio also includes quilting.

Aunt Julie, aka The Pop'r Queen, has done several quilts over the years, including a pink and white baby quilt for my youngest, and a beautiful blue and white creation for my oldest, when she went off to college. She stitched the gorgeous work of art featured above (the photo is one of Aunt Julie's, too!) when Son Number 3 left the nest for the university life.

Let's let Aunt Julie tell you about this quilt, which is all wrapped up in a couple of great family memories: "This particular pattern is called 'Texas Hold 'Em,' from a book titled Dealer’s Choice, by Atkinson Designs, copyright 2004. I chose it because the boys [remember: she's the proud Mama of Four!] are big poker fans, after attending a trade show in Las Vegas a few years ago. Not long after, my then 10-year-old was working on a speech in which he had to teach something. He was having a hard time choosing a topic, and my advice was to teach something he was familiar with and good at. The light went on, and he said, 'I know! I’ll show 'em how to play poker!' Maybe not such a good idea for4th grade. But that’s what comes from having brothers who are 18, 21 & 24, and who adore you!"

You heard it here first, folks. Straight from The Pop'r Queen! BTW, Aunt Julie also wants to remind everyone to enter this week's Great Pop'rs Giveaway. The contest runs until July 14; you, too, could be a winner!


Deanna said...

Oh the quilt is beautiful! I love quilts and family quilts are even better.

Melissa B. said...

Hey there, Veggie! I linked to your contest today. Hope the Comment Love helps!!

CBeth said...

What a gorgeous quilt--looks like a lot of love went into it!

Veggie Mom said...

Aunt Julie has done quilts as graduation gifts for both my girls--the youngest gets hers in a couple of weeks. A lucky bunch, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

mmm.. lovely indeed. Yes, your girls are so fortunate to own such an heirloom as such a young age!
Beautiful, beautiful.