Thursday, June 26, 2008

Salute Your Shorts! And Don't Forget the Pop'rs!

Ah, the joys of summer camp. I have to say I always cried, even when my youngest went to Church Camp for four days! I love watching re-runs of "Salute Your Shorts" with the kids, although this early-'90s Nickelodeon gem apparently only produced 17 episodes! None of it is at all realistic, but we still get a good laugh out of it!

Your kids aren't going off to zany Camp Anawanna, but many of you are packing them up, nonetheless. Here are some Helpful Do's & Don'ts to keep in mind when organizing Little Miss & Junior's Camp Duffle Bag:

Things to Take:
  • Family, pet photos
  • Pre-addressed & stamped postcards to send home.
  • Bug spray (More than one can would be nice)!
  • A favorite blanket
  • A flashlight
  • A packable folding chair

Things to Leave at Home:

  • New sneakers (unless you don't care if they get trashed)
  • Jewelry (The expensive stuff could get lost/stolen; many camp activities aren't friendly to rings, bracelets & necklaces.)
  • Your good watch (Purchase a cheap one at your local drug store.)
  • Expensive camera (Disposables are best!)
  • Anything in a glass bottle (plastic/unbreakable containers only!)

Online Summer Camp Resources

  • is sponsored by the American Camp Association & will help you find a camp, help with camp planning & give you summer camp advice.
  • will help you with homesickness issues.
  • features camp wear, stationery & other cool stuff.
  • advertises "hot items" for campers, plus advice for parents.
  • is sponsored by the National Camp Association & offers advice on summer camps, plus practical info for both kids & parents.

Another thing to note: Some summer camps don't want their participants to bring food along, although others encourage small snacks in critter-proof containers. Uncle Lynn's youngest went to camp a couple of years ago. If his Dad had invented Pop'rs back then, he probably would have packed a couple of 1-ounce containers in his duffle. Some of that camp food can be atrocious!

Yes, separation anxiety is a very real & sometimes potent thing. But in the end, summer camp can be a fun & fulfilling experience. One bit of advice does bear repeating, though: Don't forget the bug spray!


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