Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things Are Poppin' Around the Blogosphere!

First of all, Enter our Bloggy Pop'rs Giveaway Carnival. Today's the last day to enter! We're announcing the Winner tomorrow via our entry in Candid Carrie's Friday Finish Foto Fiesta. So get clicking and commenting right away!

Next, Uncle Lynn has a new Pop'rs Logo! Did you see it in the sidebar? Way cool, I'd say! Sorta adds some extra Ooomph! to his Great Product, don'tcha think?

And in another corner of the Blogosphere, Michelle from Honest & Truly, and a recent Pop'rs Giveaway Winner, spilled the other day about Mr. Man's Pop'rs Obsession.

"I'm not sure where he got the idea," Michelle says, "but he decided he wanted Pop'rs on his corn. I'm not going to discourage him from trying new things, so I put a few pieces of corn on the side of his plate and let him put a couple Color Burst Pop'rs on it (yep, Color Burst--kind of a fruity flavored one, not Butter, which would make more sense). And...he liked it. So I put Pop'rs on all of the corn, and he proceeded to have a grand old time eating them."

You might remember Mr. Man as star of one of our Awesome Infomercials during our New Year's Giveaway earlier this month. That's Mr. Man, the Young Pop'rs Fan, at the top of this post, enjoying his Pop'rs-infused dinner. Mommy Michelle is today's SITS Featured Blogger, so stop by and share some Comment Love with her!Also, our Great New Pop'rs New Years Giveaway Winners have all received their Awesome Pop'rs Prizes, and are giving them a whirl. Caroline, from Caroline's Crafts, bragged about her haul the other day: "If you get a chance," Caroline enthuses, "check out Eat Your Veggies! It is a fun site and you can learn more about Pop'rs and how they can encourage healthy eating." Thanks for Sharing the Bloggy Love, Caroline!

Last but not least, Kathleen, another recent Pop'rs Giveaway Winner, features a Special Blogger each Friday. Guess who she picked to feature tomorrow? Why, you're very own Veggie Mom! Please tune in to Katydid & Kid tomorrow to hear me dish about a wide range of topics, from my pet peeves to my obsession with Will Smith.

Please click on over to visit with these Lovely Ladies today, OK? And keep those comments coming!


I am Harriet said...

Good info.

Tracy P. said...

So yeah, I bravely ventured over here today even though I didn't have a tissue in hand. Surely you wouldn't...and you didn't. Thank you! I love the new colorful logo--meant to mention it earlier, but I think I was off grabbing a tissue!

Tracy P. said...

And Bethany just said to tell you she hopes we win the latest giveaway!

Teri said...

Cool logo. And a mighty cute kid!

Kally said...

Love the new logo! It really POPS!!

Kathleen said...

I've been trying to email you, but just saw that my message was returned (I used the same address you've mailed me with). I just wanted you to know that last night I had sent the photo we talked about (my pop'rs "recipe").

Hope your email's working ok, and I look forward to featuring you tomorrow.

Melissa B. said...

This kid is too cute! Lots o' competition for your "impromptu" Pop'rs Giveaway, huh?

Midwest Mommy said...

You guys are doing awesome!
I just watched the commercial, great job!

Anonymous said...

You are sweet--thanks! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the nice comments on Mister Man. He is a cutie -- but I know I'm biased!

Love the new logo -- and sorry I'm so far behind in my reading!