Friday, December 26, 2008

Fx4: Bad Puppy!

As I have been lamenting this past week, The Pop'rs Family has Flown the Coop to FLA. They've got one more week down in more temperate climes, but wanted a share a Winter Puppy Story with ya.

If you'll recall, the Upper Midwest has been slammed by some Pretty Nasty Weather recently. Aunt Julie and Uncle Lynn and the Crew decided to bug out early, ahead of the storm.

Well, they loaded up Vanna White and departed Northeastern Wisconsin in the late afternoon. As they reached Chicago's outer suburbs, they were pretty pleased, to say the least. Nary a drop of frozen precipitation! But it was a Trip of a Different Temperature by the time they reached Indianapolis. Since ice was falling from the sky, and Vanna was having a difficult time skidding all over the Interstate, our Pop'rs Pals decided to Call it a Night.

But Rowdy, the new puppy, had other ideas. Yes, he had to relieve himself. And, no, being the rascal that he is, he did not, even after repeated entreaties. Pee, that is. Julie Eliz, already in her PJs, had even donned her shoes and winter coat, and headed outdoors. Four of these trips produced, well, nothing.

Except for the condition of Aunt Julie's shoes...the only pair she had with her, since two of The Boys had her suitcase in other car. And they weren't planning on traveling Down South 'til the weekend!

Rowdy wouldn't pee, and, downright discouraged, Julie called to him to return to the room. That's when she stepped in an icy, mushy puddle...up practically to her knees!

The Bad Puppy eventually Did His Business, after College Boy took him out for the fifth time. Aunt Julie's shoes didn't dry out for another 24 hours...after the family had already arrived in FLA and was settling in for a Long Winter's Nap.

Julie has this to say about the experience: "What's the difference between a baby and a puppy? You can put Pampers on the infant; the puppy takes much more work!"

This message is sponsored by Candid Carrie, and her Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. Hope everyone enjoyed Family and Fun yesterday!


annie kelleher said...

aaaahh... i have had a few puppy experiences like that... sometimes when they're in new places they wont pee or poop cause they wont leave their scent someplace they aren't sure is safe. at least the puppy didn't pee in the room!!! so glad to hear the trip went safely... hope you and yours had a wonderful christmas!

Susie said...

Traveling with a puppy on Christmas in this weather!! They are brave!

Mama Dawg said...

I'm traveling for the first time next week with a puppy. I am so not looking forward to it.

Marrdy said...

What a sweet puppy. And what a rascal for putting poor Julie through all that!

Michelle said...

Hmmm... I'm trying to remember again why it is that we don't have a cute little puppy in our house. Oh! I think I just remembered ;)

Glad they made it to FL safely. It's been pretty treacherous here!

Melissa B. said...

PRECISELY why I'm a Cat Woman! Hope you had a Happy!!

Anonymous said...

Oh exactly!! Cats are so much more well behaved Harumph.
Seriously, I'm sure it was lovely and I do so hope 2009 is a happy, healthy and prosperous year for all there.
Happy New Year Veggie Mom.

Anonymous said...

Yes, puppies are a lot of work!!!

They do make diapers for them.....much the same as they do for astronaut monkeys I suppose!!! :)