Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa's Little Helper

~Ode to a Giveaway,

By Veggie Mom~

Christmas is coming, the blog is looking lean;

time to think of something

to help us to be seen!

There's a Bloggy Gal named Kelly

who says she has just the trick

to do a blog re-design

for her would be so quick!

She's doing a Bloggy Giveaway

so we can see her wares

and she guarantees satisfaction,

to wipe away our cares!

She'll give your blog a makeover

if you're declared the winner,

and clean up some of this bloggy mess

that makes our place grow dimmer.

So, please, submit your entry

to Kelly's Creative Contest

so Fabulous K Creative

can make you look the best!

The contest runs thru Friday,

that's just five days away;

you must post about the contest,

in order to have a say

in whether you're a winner

but of course, you know you'll be,

if Kelly sees this little poem,

then maybe she'll PICK ME!


Melissa B. said...

You're a poet.
But do you know it?
But your feet show it...
They're Longfellows!

Seriously, now, my place could use a bit of tidying up, too. Good luck!

Rhonda said...

That was awesome!! Good job! I hope you win!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the poem!!! Good luck on the contest...I hope you win the makeover!!!

Tracy P. said...

If I were Kelly, I'd totally pick you!

Michelle said...

Aww, what a fun poem! Here's hoping you win. Lotsa contests out there right now, aren't there? Good luck!