Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pop'rs Grab Bag

Welcome to The Land of Pop'rs! Since Aunt Julie and Uncle Lynn and three-quarters of The Pop'rs Cousins have flown the proverbial coup and Gone to FLA for the holidays, they've left Veggie Mom up here in The Land of the Frozen Tundra to mind the store.

We've come across a couple of wonderful comments/posts the last few days, and Just. Wanted. To. Share.

First off, Mrs. 4444, our fellow Wisconsin Blogger and Past Pop'rs Winner, had a pressing question, about both Pop'rs, and about Norwegian holiday baking, too!

The first question is easy to answer: "Which Pop'rs is your son putting in the chocolate milk?" Soccer Boy, Aunt Julie's youngest, is a chocoholic. "He puts Chocolate Pop'rs in his chocolate milk," Julie Eliz says. "It's the only way to go!" So if you need some Pop'rs for your milk, Mrs. 4444, we'd be delighted to hook you up!

It also seems that Mrs. Cuatro Cuatro (Get It? Four Fours?) has been doing her holiday baking, with a Scandanavian Twist. She's been turning out fatigman, rosettes, and krumkake, and posting her results on her cooking blog, Mrs. 4444 Cooks. I saw a mention over there the other day, and wanted to know if she made sandbakkels, a Pop'rs Family Favorite.

Turns out that Mrs. 4444 is all about krumkake, a Norwegian word for "curved cake." This delightful Christmas Treat is pronounced "croomkaka," and is made on a special iron. The Wild One became enamored of krumkake a few years ago, and we bought her an iron to do the honors.

"Maybe your daughter would like to swap recipes? I tried a new one this year and it did not pass, but I am always open to new recipes."

You ask, we answer. Here is a Pop'rs Family Recipe, hot off the krumkake iron! This is a tried and true recipe, that's been in the family for decades.

Aunt Jean's Krumkake
1 quart heavy cream, beat dry
Add to the whipped cream:
2 cups sugar
dash of salt
2 Tbs. vanilla
4 cups flour
At the very last, gradually add 2 cups of whole milk to this combo.

The batter will end up looking a lot like pancake batter. Preheat your krumkake iron, add the batter in the proper amounts (don't let it overflow!), and away you go! The krumkake on the right are not ours (we're doing that tonight), but taken from Mrs. 4444's cooking blog.


Next off, we're beginning to hear from the winners of our Pay It Forward contest. If you'll recall, Becky, Rhonda and Tara R. were our winners, and Aunt Julie made them special Pop'rs-infused chocolate bars. Well, Rhonda and Tara R. have reported back, and the reviews are encouraging!

First off, here's what Rhonda had to say: "I got the brand new, not even on the market yet, popping chocolate bars from Veggie Mom's Pay It Forward contest and their Pop'rs company. And the week before that I received the other package I had won through Veggie Mom. Two Pop'rs flavours (Rhonda's a Canadian, so she adds that extra "u" in some of her words)! And they are SO COOL! I've actually just been eating them right off my hand, although I know they are supposed to be sprinkled onto your food. And yes, the chocolate bar is half-eaten. And since this picture was taken, it is missing even more of itself. I cut up a couple of little pieces to hand over to my family to try and they have since been looking for them to have more. But my generosity only goes so far." Thanks for the Vote of Confidence, Rhonda! And we'll let you know when Pop'rs Bars come to a Store. Near. You!

Tara R. also gave Aunt Julie's Creation a Rave Review: "I got my Pay it Forward prize from Veggie Mom this week. Envy me, because these are fabulous. Creamy milk chocolate bars made with those tongue-tingling Pop’rs. These homemade treats have a wonderful combination of smoothness and a crispy surprise. For those familiar with Cadbury bars, these remind me a lot of Flake. Thanks, Veggie! These are awesome."

Rhonda's photo of her Pop'rs Loot is below. Make sure to stay tuned...we've got a Great New Pop'rs Giveaway in mind for the New Year!


Anonymous said...

Veggie Mom ~
I could not remember if I got back to you about my Popr's Delivery! They came a few weeks ago, and the kids LOVE them. My middle son is especially adventerous with them. HE has put cinnamon and raspberry on applesauce, buffalo on chicken tenders, and butter on veggies. Good stuff....we like them, and they were quite the conversation piece with the neighborhood kids! Thanks so much :-)

Rhonda said...

And I totally meant every word!! If you find yourself with extra chocolate bars just lying around your house one day, you know where to send them.... lol

Merry Christmas!!

Tara R. said...

Ditto on Rhonda. Those chocolate bars were wonderful. I was going to share with my peeps, but I think I'll get all Grinchy and keep them to myself.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Marrdy said...

I am crying today. I am bummed as I am sure you are. I had to leave last night for 10 minutes and when I get back the game is tied. I am horse from screaming. I keep telling myself, "It's only a game." But I really know it's not!

Melissa B. said...

Oh, I'm SUCH a Chocoholic! Is there any way we can get these chocolate bars on the Black Market? I clicked on your krumkake iron link, and these look like fun. I might investigate doing something different than sugar cookies!

Dawn said...

Yummmm, those chocolate bars!! We sure do enjoy our Pop'rs too! My grandson ended up taking several flavors home with him and his mom says he does eat more now if she lets him use them on his food. And yes, I love kittens!! I will have to find some links in my blog to when I saved the kittens! Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

Hey - I'm so excited to see what happens with the Pop'rs. I've heard rumors that Santa might be putting all eight flavors in the wee ones' stockings tonight :) Such a shame even Santa can't find those chocolate bars though... they sound DElicious!

One question for you -- is there any dairy in the Pop'rs? We're going to be taking all dairy out of Little Miss's diet after the new year, so I'm starting to prepare now.

Merry Christmas!