Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vanna White to the Rescue!

Once again, Vanna White was called into action, and once again, she came through! College Boy just moved back to start his Junior Year, so Aunt Julie and Uncle Lynn helped him move into an apartment. That's Uncle Lynn, at the helm of Vanna, pulling a trailer across the State of Wisconsin full of College Boy's Stuff.

"We needed to rent a trailer for this event, so I called a dozen places and no one had one for us," Julie, ever the Resourceful Mom, said. "If I heard one more time that this was the weekend all the college kids were moving, I was going to scream! The little muffler shop in town also rents U-Hauls, so I tried them as a last resort. Well, they too were over-booked, BUT…they had one that U-Haul didn’t know about. I could have it Friday night and have it back Sunday, and pay for one day."

Auntie J. snapped up that bargain, right away! "Long story short, we picked it up Thursday noon, they lent us the adaptor, and it had to be back no later than Monday night, or they would have to charge us for more than one day! If anyone wants me to negotiate for them, I’m available, for a small fee!"

Julie says College Boy's apartment, which he shares with another guy, is "tiny, but compared to a dorm room, it’s a palace. And it didn’t appear to have rodents. Oh well, a mother can dream!"
On That Note, hope you're Having Sweet Dreams about The Great New Pop'rs Giveaway! One more day--Enter now, I say!


Dawn said...

How exciting to start a new adventure!! It's crazy how they all do move the same weekend and nobody can get any help moving!!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! I love it when little miracles happen like that!!!

Caroline said...

Way to go Vanna, hang in there old girl. God always provides!

Nik said...

Yeah - that would cause moving worries.


I hope things go well in his 2nd year.

Melissa B. said...

Isn't there a Discovery Channel show or some such production that could feature Vanna White and her story? It's got such a strong human interest angle!

Alyce said...

I did a double-take at the names in this post when I started reading. My husband has an aunt Julie and her husband is his Uncle Lynn. Strange coincidence! :) Glad you got such a great deal!

Vicki said...

Oh, the days of college moving. Except, when I was the one moving, everything I owned fit inside a Nisan Sentra!

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