Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Packer Party, and Some Positive Vibes

Aunt Julie, Uncle Lynn, and All The Pop'rs Cousins started a wonderful Fall Tradition a few years back, holding Packer Parties in their Family Room. They even get all festive and decorate for the occasion, as Aunt Julie's photo, above, illustrates.

The Gang, of course, worships at the proverbial alter of The Green Bay Packers during football seasons.

"We have friends, Joe and Patty, who are our parents' ages, who have had season tickets for ages," Aunt Julie explains. "They have four seats together, and another set of two."

Julie says the Family Room Tradition actually started at a home game at Lambeau Field. "We were once invited to a game, years ago, and had a ball. We drove to Lambeau in Vanna White, of course. We cooked out behind the stadium, listened to the pregame on the radio, and really got immersed in the atmosphere."

Of course, nothing could ruin this Festive Occasion, except for a food shortage. "I was supposed to bring the brats and the small Weber grill," Auntie J. remembers. "When the fire was just right, we looked through the cooler for the brats…I had forgotten them on the kitchen counter! Joe and Patty's daughter, Chris, and I RAN to a grocery store a few blocks away. We were running against the crowd, like salmon swimming upstream, and had to listen to fans tell us to turn around, the stadium was 'that way'."

"Long story short," Julie says, "we bought Klements precooked brats, RAN back to our tailgate spot, threw them on the grill, chugged a bottle of beer each, grabbed a brat on the way to the stadium, and made it there for kick off! "

Julie and Lynn, of course, wanted to do something to repay Joe and Patty for the great time. "We had them over to watch an away game on our big screen TV.," Julie says. "Packer Parties turned into a regular tradition. Weather permitting, we grill. In playoff years, we grill at halftime, and after the victory, throw discarded Christmas trees in the fire pit out on our patio."

Aunt Julie wants to remind all you Brett Favre Fans that The Jets are playing New England today. Might even have a chance, considering Tom Brady's season-ending injury, and all. Yes, Aaron Rodgers played well last week against The Vikings, and Brett even praised him for his play. But some of us are still gonna follow The Jets this season.

Even Aunt Julie remains on the Brett Favre Bandwagon. "Hey, didn’t Brett have a great game against Miami?" We can see it now...a photo of Brett as a Jet as part of the shrine on her mantle!


Tara R. said...

Sound like a fun time! I love football season. As long as the Packers aren't playing the Colts, I'll cheer for the Green and Yellow.

Melissa B. said...

Go, Pack! It's halftime now and Aaron Rodgers is pretty impressive. I guess we never knew how good he could be, since he was playing in Brett's shadow. Still kinda miffed at Ted Thompson, though...

Dawn said...

That's a great idea! People go a little crazy like that here for college & pro football too! I think it's great!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE football, and that sounds like so much fun!

OMG did I say I love football? I've been trying to stop loving it since I'm tired of driving my kids all over the city to play it lately, LOL

Jen said...

recipe week sounds like fun. I will come and check it out.

Brandy said...

My BFF loves Brett too! She was lusting after his jersey on a cruise we took, but it was way too expensive for us.

I love the decorations! And I'm not biased because I don't really follow football. Stevie loves all sports so in that aspect we are complete opposites.

m~ said...

Great fun! I have to cheer for Bret since we both went to USM!

Anonymous said...

I love sports parties! Even though my family never really followed football, we always had a killer Super Bowl party ;)