Friday, September 26, 2008

A Centennial Q&A. Or, Happy Hundred to Me!

Today's Veggie Mom's 100th Post, everyone! As you well know, Uncle Lynn is offering a 2-Part Giveaway in celebration of this Sweet Centennial. Part 1 culminates today and tomorrow in an exciting fashion. Yup--you Asked, and We're Answering! Thanks for being so Doggone Curious! Your questions are answered by Uncle Lynn, the Pop'r King, unless otherwise indicated. And, Readers Beware: We tried to weed out duplicate questions. If you don't see yours today or tomorrow, don't worry, 'cause you're still entered in the Giveaway. So, bring on the Q & A!

  1. Melissa B. has a pressing question: In which season do Pop'rs taste the best: Fall or Spring? In whatever season, since they are SEASONINGS!
  2. Lula, one of our recent Giveaway Winners, wants to know: Are there any new Pop'rs flavors coming out anytime soon? I'm thinking something cinnamony would be fabulous. We have a cinnamon flavor already, and it is great on toast. Just ask Rachael Ray; you know, OPRAH’S friend! It’s her favorite!
  3. The Pink Potpourri asks: What is YOUR personal favorite Popr's flavor? I like color-changing on yogurt the best!
  4. Kamewh is curious: You have such a wide variety of flavors, but I was wondering if there were any plans to have any cheese-flavored varieties? We have made a cheese flavor (this IS Wisconsin, after all) and it’s great on all veggies. However, it is not available to you yet! Good suggestion!
  5. Mannequin, who has played this Pop'rs Game before and won, has a sports-oriented question: I've a question for Soccer Boy if you don't mind please. It's easy to see that you are a dedicated soccer player! What are the chances of your playing professionally? More important, is one able to get a scholarship to college on their soccer playing skills? Soccer scholarships are available, but we lost last weekend 10-0, so I don’t feel too great right now about my chances of turning pro!
  6. Ritch in Love has a regional query: What do each of you love the most about living in Wisconsin? I've been there one time and I loved it. I thought it was beautiful! Gotta love the changing seasons! There is a saying in the Dairy State: “If you don’t like the weather in Wisconsin, just wait a half-hour. It’ll change!”
  7. Imanoptomisticbeauty is concerned about the natural order of things: Is there any artificial coloring in your products? Or artificial food additives like msg? There is some artificial color in some, but we work hard to keep everything natural–see the back panels of the jars for the full ingredients–for example, we use real fruit in the strawberry and raspberry! Natural chocolate, etc. BUT, if you need to stay away from artificial colors, you will want to stay away from one of my favorites, the color changing. We thought we had to include it since it is such fun, but it is the only one like that
  8. Ever the optomist, she also asks: Your containers seem on the small side; any plans to have bigger containers in the future? Great idea. We will ask Veggie Mom to run a contest to pick what flavor should be introduced in a "Giant Pack." Maybe one of those Zip-Lock bags?
  9. The Purloined Letter is a Poe fan, so we totally understand where she's coming from with this one: I feel a little uneasy about adding processed ingredients to my family's diet. Can you talk about why Pop'rs are a good choice? Pop’rs are designed to make GREAT FOODS interesting and fun for kids, so I think we are on the same page!
  10. Bookworm wants to know: How do you decide which flavorings to use in the Pop'rs? My favorite part of this is to come up with new flavor ideas and try them on everyone I can find. I also listen to what everyone says they want us to try, and look forward to adding more and more. Kind of like the Ben & Jerry’s of kids' seasonings!
  11. Angie, one of our previous Giveaway Winners, has a good one: What's your personal favorite flavor? Cinnamon! But Aunt Julie has made a new one we have not introduced yet–LEMON. I know everyone will go crazy for it on everything from yogurt to chicken!
  12. Kate Coveney Hood is wrassling with Kids and Veggies: I'm not having much luck getting my kids to fall for the pureed additions/substitutions. If you think that they're great - do you have any tips to make the recipes, um, sneakier? Just before serving, sneek in some Pop’rs; they will start to SING right away, and should make the kids curious enough to try
  13. Lisa wants to know: What is your best selling Pop'r? They are all sold in the 8-pack mixed cartons, so the best seller is all of them!
  14. Nina asks Veggie Mom to do a long-term Blog Assessment: Of the 100 posts you have written what has been your personal favorite and why? I love writing the personal posts about my family. Of the 100 posts I’ve written so far, the Empty Nesters struck closest to my heart.
  15. Corgidogmama is all about origins: How did you come up with the Pop’rs idea??? Can I say, "You need to buy the book"? I am writing the Pop’rs story chapter by chapter as a Guest Blogger for Veggie Mom! Please click on the links to check out Chapters 1 and 2!
  16. Z's Mom, who, as one of our September winners, has turned adorable little Zander on to the Perfection of Pop'rs, asks: Is Uncle Lynn planning on selling other sizes of Pop'rs? Let's say I fall in love with Cocoa ('cause I did) and I just want one big jar of that something that might be doable in the future? Working on it–maybe a big bag so you can refill the jars?
  17. Kally is getting anxious about availability: When, When, When do you think Pop'rs might be sold in stores? Stores are a part of the big plan, but right now we feel we are in better touch with our customers selling online. Click here for more info
  18. Channah wants to know: What new flavors are coming out? We are working on several: Lemon, chamoy, cheesy, catsup, salty, peppery. No timetable yet–but the fun part for me is thinking up new flavors and seeing what new surprises I can bring.
  19. Along the same lines, Joy in the Burbs is curious: Will these be coming to a retailer near me soon? Working on it, but for now, Pop'rs are always available on online.
  20. Dawn, who is such a Dear, Dear Bloggy Friend, AND just redesigned her blog, BTW, asks Veggie Mom about Keeping Current: How do you keep up with all the questions/commenters? As a famous Civil War admiral once said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”
  21. Dear Dawn also asks Veggie who's Going to be Accountable in Part 1 of the Grand Giveaway: Will someone (one person) be answering the questions? It depends. Most of the time, Uncle Lynn will. Sometimes Veggie will.
  22. Dawn also is Concerned About the Future: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Veggie says on a beach somewhere, preferably in The OBX!
  23. OK, Dawn, what else is on your mind? Is Aunt Julie starting a recipe blog? Uncle Lynn says he has too much fun working with Veggie Mom to start another blog. Aunt Julie says she's way too busy, developing new flavors of Pop'rs and all. But what Veggie wants to know, is: If we start a recipe blog, do you wanna run it for us, Dawn?
  24. And then Dawn Asks the Obvious: Do you know that I want to win??? Veggie can tell you’re stoked, Dawn!
  25. Moving on to another reader, Blue Violet wants to know: Will Pop'rs be available in larger sizes? We're still working on this. As they say in the Corporate World, that idea is "under development"!
  26. Probably because Halloween is knockin' on the door, Blue Violet also asks: Do you have seasonal-flavored Pop'rs? Not yet, but if you served Taco and Chocolate during the course of the same meal, would that be considered a Halloween Theme?
  27. And One More from Blue Violet: Do you think you might have some Pop'rs designed for topping ice cream in the future? If so, what would they be? Got them right now: Try chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, and maybe even cinnamon?
  28. Keeping the Centennial Celebration in mind, Mrs. 4444 offers a choice: Okay, 100th post. If you could have 100 hours of massage or 100 hours of free housework, which would you choose? Veggie will take that one. Definitely the free housework. Then, I wouldn't need the massage!

That's all for today, Dear Friends! If you didn't see your question today, we'll have it up for you tomorrow, in Veggie Mom's 101st Post! We'll finish up the Pop'rs Q&A, and then move on the Most Important Thing (MIT): The Prize-Giving! And remember: We're starting Six Days of Giveaways on Monday, so stay tuned!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Well happy 100!

Mamarazzi said...

awesome answers, fab questions and happy 100th.

you accidentally linked me in #14. i am not nina..i want to make sure she gets credit for the question and the link to her blog.

is there a prize for being honest?

you. are. welcome.

Lisa said...

Happy 100th! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lula! said...


Thanks for answering my question...I feel so famous!

Melissa B. said...

Hey there, Veggie Mom! Thanks so much for the Linky Love, and felicidades on reaching your Centennial Post. That's quite an accomplishment in just three short months!

Rhonda said...

Wow! You look so great for 100! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh,,, I just LOVE having the inside scoop on POP'rs and the family!

Dawn said...

Happy 100th post!! And I loved the questions & answers, as well as being one of the stars of the show!! I'm not sure I am up to running a recipe blog, but I do think Aunt Julie would have a great one! Have a great weekend! I have my fingers crossed for the contest!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!!

Melissa B. said...

And I Almost Forgot: Don't forget my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow--I've got a sweet snap for ya. Remember, it's all about Sharing the Caption Love!

Betty said...

I remember coming up with a question about the time my computer went haywire. I am going to read through the other questions. Congrats on your 100th post.

angie said...

Apparently my question DID post and it WAS answered. I just hadn't seen it yet. Cinnamon is definitely my favorite too, and I love cocoa on pears. My kids LOVE color blast.

Breanne said...

Congrats on 100!

Kelly - PTT said...

Happy 100th post!

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Happy 100th!