Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Car, Another Name

I think naming cars is silly. Would never set out to find the right name for a car, like it is some newborn child or something. Frivolous. Ridiculous. But sometimes, you just can't help it.

Like the white conversion van , affectionately named "Vanna White." My first named car.

Well, it happened again. Vanna retired, and was replaced by a silver Lincoln Aviator. Uncle Lynn asked what the car's name was, and I said something like "huh?"

"You know, a name, like Vanna White for the old van." And out of my mouth, completely unexpetedly, came the perfect name for my new car...



Dr.John said...

My unamed car salutes you. It gets no respect.
My wife called my attention to the fact that some time ago you asked for my E-mail.
I do procrastinate.
it is:

We still need to meet for that cup of coffee.

Susie said...

Ha, ha!! You can call her Mel for short:-)

Cairo Typ0 said...

I name everything from my laptop to my cars. I'm weird like that though. :p Amelia is the perfect name for an Aviator. :)

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Stelle Courney said...

It just goes to show how passionate you are in caring for your car. Your car is your baby; you give it a name; you wash it every day; you keep its engine running smooth; and you care for it like a precious child! We have an old Volkswagen Beetle we bought 5 years ago, and guess what his name is: It’s Ringo! Hehe! Anyway, Amelia is a pretty name.

Ellsworth Mciltrot said...

You’re certainly not alone when it comes to naming your car. I do that too! In fact, my red SUV’s name is Red Clifford. He’s actually named after my good old father. By the way, Amelia is a charming one! =)

Sebastian Gaydos said...

Amelia! It’s a perfect name for your Aviator. Like Amelia Earhart, your car has a brave and strong quality. I’m sure it will take every test of the road fearlessly. Have a safe trip with Amelia! =)