Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dry Spell

Ok, it's November 6th and my last post was pre-Halloween! I'd call that a major dry spell.

How to get over a dry spell...hmmmm..........Think I'll have a beer first,

and then make some lists or something.

After dinner, (guests tonight) and the dishes are done, and homework checked and laundry folded. And it's a nice night, so maybe after the dogs get a little walk. Yeah, that's a good idea. Pretty soon, it'll be too cold to walk them.

Oh jeez, I have to run out and get turkey for Soccer Boy's lunch tonight too. And milk. Probably need to stop at the gas station first. Did I mail that bill today? Better run by the Post Office, too.

Probably be too tired to write after all that.

I can't even imagine what life was like for my Grandma. She did all this without a dishwasher, electric oven, washing machine, refrigerator, or car. Of course, she could pick veggies from her garden, or the root cellar, so she didn't need to run into town every day. And the turkey would have been one whose neck she chopped off, and whose feathers she plucked! The dog didn't need walking. He went down and brought the cows up to the barn twice a day for milking.

And she definitely would not have had a beer! It would have been a brandy.


Susie said...

Sometimes, your to do list gets in the way of creativity. You can't write...there's no room in your brain for that:-)

Sandi McBride said...

Odd how we find something to be grateful for in the most mundane of tasks, isn't it? Glad the dry spell is over!

Melissa B. said...

Or a "Brandy Eileen," eh? Was my eldest chica a dinner guest last nite? Your brother mentioned that she was in the neighborhood...