Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's a Dog's Life

Look! It's Bo!

See Bo run. See Bo tow the First Lady and the Prez across the White House lawn. See the adorable First Daughters embrace the idea of having a First Puppy.

Bo's not a "rescue" dog, as first promised by the Obamas. He's what's called a "second chance" dog. He's six months old, and the first family he boarded with before the First Family didn't work out.

Bo is named in honor of First Lady Michelle's late Dad, whose nickname was Diddley (as in oldtime rocker Bo Diddley). Most importantly, he's hypoallergenic, so 10-year-old Malia won't sneeze. And 7-year-old Sasha, perhaps, will teach Bo how to swim (no, he apparently doesn't know even how to doggy paddle, and yes, he has webbed feet).

This NBC video is pretty and packaged. You should also view the raw footage of Bo's arrival, posted on YouTube. This Portuguese Water Dog is not camera-shy, that's for sure.

I guess this means that the puppy's full name is Bo Obama. Ya think?


Vanessa Rogers said...

I haven't heard of that type of dog, but I bet they will be in high demand now! How adorable was he!

Anonymous said...

Ew. They should have thought of the repercussion of naming that dog Bo.
Then again, politicians don't need to worry about repercussions, do they?

Teri said...

So many people are making mean comments about all the attention this little doggie is getting. Heck, I'm happy to hear about something non-traumatic these days. Bring on the puppy pix. :-)

Lynda said...

Oh, I am a sucker for dogs!

Marrdy said...

You are too funny. Bo Obama. Hadn't thought of it!

Michelle said...

Oh c'mon... he has to have a middle name at some point.

I'd heard some sniggerings that he wasn't really a rescue dog but hadn't had time to figure out the details behind this. Thanks for making it easy for me!

Ritch in Love said...

Bobama is super cute!

Susie said...

Too Cute!