Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

It's not that easy being green;

Having to spend each day under Federal scrutiny.
When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold,
Or not worry about salmonella poisoning.

It's not easy being green.
I’d rather be ordinary like so many other ordinary things.
Now people tend to notice me more by my absence
As I’m swept from the local grocery store shelves.
I’d rather blend in ~ like an apple, or perhaps a pear or plum.

But green's the color of Spring (and pistachios).
And I taste so good when combined with almonds and fudge
In Baskin-Robbins ice cream; and my shell is fun to crack, too.
My green can be salted, roasted or just served up plain.

When green is all there is to be
I wonder why, wonder why the Government inspectors...
Wonder why they don’t think I’m safe to eat!
Green ~ and yummy ~ is just the way I want to be.

With profound apologies to Joe Rapposo and Kermit the Frog. Penned in a moment of frustration with the one million-pound pistachio recall. Veggie's first April entry in the Random Complexity Writing Contest. 161 words.


Susie said...

I know!! What is going on in the world??

♥georgie♥ said...

I am so sad! I loves those lil nuts!

Anonymous said...

HA....nice post. Ever since I've heard about the recall I'm been craving Spumoni ice cream.

Zander was LOVING eating these nuts more for now anyway!

Kally said...

I love it! :D

I was in the middle of a giant piece of baklava when I found out about pistachio-gate :( I told the Mr if something happens to me we can always blame it on the baklava.

**I have yet another give away posted on the blog :)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Wow, that's a big recall! Sorry for your sadness, but this was a fun post anyway. ;)

Marrdy said...

Everyone at work ate a handful of pistachios Monday night and heard the news Tuesday. We all lived!! Great poem and there really should be no need to apologize I love it!

Tracy P. said...

Whoa! I missed that recall! Bethany is deathly allergic to them. Did you know they are in the same nut family as cashews? Both so yummy, both so lethal to our girl. So I'm singin' your sad song right along with you!

Michelle said...

Pistachios recalled? I completely missed this. That's disappointing. It would be so nice if we could just trust our food. I'm definitely doing a garden this year.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh and how I love pistachio nuts. And Kermie.

Thanks for popping in last week!!!!