Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They've Got Two Lips for Tulips!

Seems like Northeastern Wisconsin is at least one season behind the rest of the country when it comes to Spring. But we won't see Spring at all if the deer and bunnies in Aunt Julie's neighborhood have anything to say about it.

Notice the tulip on the right. A tad scruffy, but blooming, nonetheless. What about its neighbor? Think that particular plant served as an appetizer for Peter Cottontail. And, wouldn't you know it ~ the pretty purple blossom was Bambi's dessert before the evening was over!

A couple of my neighbors spray deer and bunny repellant around their yummy Spring plants to ward off those who would feast on daffodils and tulips. But even though some of these products say "natural" or "safe for the environment" on the labels, I'm still a little wary.

Please help us out here, before there's no Spring left in the seasonal flower bed. Do you have a trick for keeping these critters away?


Lynda said...

I love tulips, but sure don't want them to get EATEN!

Anonymous said...

You know, we had squirrels and they would dig up our bulbs. I had to plant the bulbs in wire cages so they couldn't get to them. I love the little guys but preferred that they ate peanuts or corn.
If it were me, I'd plant a garden just for them on the perimeter of the yard. Something much more tempting. Would that be carrots? I don't know what deer like best...
but I know I wouldn't want to alienate them.

Susie said...

I use dish soap to ward off critters. It doesn't hurt the plant and the animals don't like it. It's win/win:-)

Michelle said...

Oh. Yes. YES. I do!!!



Mrs4444 said...

I do love me some tulips!! The deer don't really bother mine, which is odd, since we live in a wooded development where I know there are plenty of deer. Hope this doesn't jinx me!