Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moms Gone Wild?

The other day I was contemplating the promises of Spring: the freshness, the eventual advent of Summer (sooner or later, you betcha) and all the possibilities the above entails.

Which got me to thinking, Dear Hearts, that it's time for another edition of Moms Gone Wild. Or, if you prefer, Mommy Recess.

While trolling the blogosphere the other day, I came across the most delightful of concoctions. Here is a "receipt," as my Nana used to say, which might come in handy during the evening after a harried day.

This delightfully cool beverage is brought to you courtesy of Momlogic. So is the pretty photo. She has a couple more MOMgaritas posted over there, as well. And, please remember: Those sweet-flavored POPrs make delicious, fun rimming material!

Sangria Margarita
(perfect for Cinco de Mayo!)

8 oz tequila
2. 12 oz margarita mix
3. 2 oz lime juice
4. 3 oz triple sec
5.4 oz sangria mix (not sangria with wine)

1. Pour tequila, margarita mix, lime juice, and triple sec into a blender with ice and blend.
2. Pour the mixture into the glass until 2/3 full, add the sangria mix.


Debbie said...

Now that looks perfect for a day like today!

Susie said...

Those look very tasty:-)

Momisodes said...

I could totally use one of those right about now :)

Marrdy said...

Poprs on a margaritta (virgin please) sounds great. I'm betting my kids would love any drink with Poprs on the rim. Thanks for the great idea!

Michelle said...

Interesting -- I could totally do that. And Pop'rs as a rimmer? WHY do I not think about these things?

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