Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Everyday Italian with Giada and The Wild One

The Wild One loves to cook. She bakes, she zooms up homemade guacamole, and she sure does love her pasta. One of my favorite Mother's Days in recent years involved TWO putting together an Everyday Italian dish that she learned from her friend, Giada De Laurentiis.

OK, Giada isn't really a family friend. She's more of a Boob Tube Buddy. Even in between classes, TWO loves to catch snippets of The Food Network, and her favorite is Everyday Italian.

In this video, Giada prepares Simple Tomato Sauce. This red sauce serves as a staple in many of Giada's ~ and TWO's ~ recipes. The key, of course, is in the simplicity. One thing, though, I don't really understand: How can Giada cook without messing up her fashionable outfits? As my Nana used to say: One must always wear an apron in the kitchen!


Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Hello hand-me-down queen. I so dig your blog and think the layout rocks.

Just stopping by to meet a new face and to thank you for leaving a comment on my guest post over at Angies blog.

I will be posting the winners tomorrow.

Anyways.... I look forward to reading more on your blog and having you stop by mine from time to time.

Have a great day.

richies said...

I never mind watching Giada cook.

An Arkies Musings

Susie said...

Giada is one of our favorites too:-)

Michelle said...

It's all about photoshopping. Every time I see Giada, I tell myself that. It makes me feel just a little better ;)

Marrdy said...

I love the Food Channel and HGTV. Between those and Jazz games I could be a couch potatoe!!