Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Rootin' for the Squirrels in the Big Game Today!

Editor's Note: Before we start Today's Post, I'd like to ask you to help do a Bloggy Friend a favor. Mr. Fairway, Hubz to my friend Melissa B., is a finalist in the 2009 Bloggies. Please Click Here to vote for Mr. Fairway's Golf Blog as Best Sports Blog!

In honor of Game Day, we wanted to share one of our favorite Super Bowl Commercials. Where do the suits at Geico come up with these ideas, anyway? Disclaimer: No annoying, furry rodents were harmed in the making of this commercial.

Seriously, now...who's your pick in Tonight's Big Game? Or are you just going to a Super Bowl Party for the food? Do Faith Hill, Jennifer Hudson and Bruce Springsteen float your boat? What's your favorite Super Bowl Commerical of all time?


Melissa B. said...

This is SUCH a funny commercial! I think I'm rootin' for Bruce Springteen tonite, myself. Thanks so much for plugging Mr. Fairway. We only found out yesterday that he's in the running! And, of course, your Superior Snap is featured on Sx3 please come play!

Dawn said...

Here I am! Thanks for checking in on me!!! Love the commercial!

Susie said...

I did my civic duty and voted today:-)

Marrdy said...

I voted for Mr Fairway. Hope he wins!

I'm for the Cardinals which is dangerous to say since you live east of the Mississippi and I think everyone out there wants the Steelers. But the Cardinals are from the west and are the underdogs, I like underdogs!

Michelle said...

I love the commercials. I'm in it for the food and the party and the commercials and the game -- especially the Steelers (phew!). So I Tivo the game and watch it again on Tuesday after the Super Bowl each year so I can enjoy my friends and food. And chase the wee ones.