Monday, August 11, 2008

JAWS, Part 2

When we left you last, Dear Readers, we were telling you a Big Shark Story. Let's catch back up with Aunt Julie, and see how the story ended.

"When Shark Boy’s big shark was pulled in, he was lying on the deck of the pontoon. Joey instructed him to keep his foot on this beast, which was fighting like all get out to get back into the ocean, 'Don’t let him wiggle back into the water!' Joey shouted. He then reached up into an overhead compartment while we were all focused on the shark."

Those of you who love real-life drama should read on. Those who are of sensitive dispositions should close your eyes for this next part. "All of a sudden, we heard a 'pop!' and looked up to see Joey holding a handgun," Aunt Julie says, picking up the narrative. "He’d shot the shark! Well, the girls were all screaming, and there was crazy pandemonium; way too much drama for a pontoon boat! Joey apologized, after a fashion, saying had to do it to kill the shark, because we wanted to keep him. Yikes!"

That night, Shark Boy and his girlfriend took some of the meat to a local restaurant, and the chef prepared it for them for dinner. "The Shark Adventure was easily the best single day of the trip," Julie enthuses. "We took the rest of the shark home frozen, and put in our basement freezer. The power went our briefly, and the fridge stopped. Days later, we were met with the pungent odor of melting shark. I am still trying to get the stink out of the fridge!"
Before The Pop'r Family left for the beach on Friday, Auntie J. scattered containers of charcoal throughout the fridge, in yet another attempt to freshen it up. Forty pounds of charcoal might do the trick!

Just a friendly reminder, Sports Fans. Today's the last day of the Great Pop'rs Giveaway! Make sure you get your entries in by 8 pm. EST today. Extra entries for comments on the past week's posts--be there or be square!


mama rose said...

Hey there, I nominated you for a brillante award, stop by my blog to pick it up. xo mama rose

KKJD1 said...

What a great shark story. Phew we what a smell!!Sure wouldn't want to have to clean out the freezer.
I have my next bbok giveaway posted on my blog so please come by and get your name in the hat.
Hope you have a great Monday.
Blessings, Karen

Bobbi said...

That's a "whale" of a tale!

Z's Mom said...

OMG....I think I would have had a heart attack then when I heard the shot.

Man, nothing is worse than losing all the food in a power outage....well, okay, I guess there are worse things. But it still sucks! Ewwww...I can just imagine the smell!!!

Ritch in Love said...

Dontcha hate getting rid of melting shark stink? I sure do! ;)