Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grab Your Cyber-Passport and Let's Go!

Debbie, over at This is the Life, has a fanTAbulous idea! What if you took the saying "Surfing the Net" seriously? Like, chit-chatting between Bloggy Friends, only better: really opening up your eyes to all that the Blogosphere has to offer!

Deb is having a House Party over at Blog Around the World, and the title of her newest Bloggy Endeavor means what it says. This fab idea started percolating in Debbie's Bloggy Brain: What if she tried to get a Bloggy Friend from All 50 States? What if she expanded that idea, and went international? Well, she's done all that, as she explains in her first post on her new blog.

"So what's this party all about? Last week I attempted to get a blogger from all 50 states just to see if I could," Debbie says. "Plan A was to to link up all commenters by state in one post. But Plan A only took into consideration that I'd get 30-40 replies. Umm, I received over a 100 responses. Rut roh. Plan A. Aborted. What's Plan B? I dunno. I guess I better buy a place and run it. Run it where? I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing. But, I think I've just declared myself the directory of blogs by state and country. Yay, me."

Debbie isn't doing this for the blog roll. She wants a genuine commitment from her newest Bloggy Friends. "Alas, this isn't gonna be just a white pages for bloggers," she cautions. "We are gonna have fun over here. I plan on having guest bloggers, selecting a state/country and its bloggers to feature daily just to ram traffic through your sites, and starting next week I will spotlight and interview a particular blogger. And no questions like 'where do you see yourself in five years?' will be asked. Blech ick. If you want to be included in the listing or individually spotlighted at some point, go to your state/country of residence and sign in. I'll link you up."

Sounds like an ambitious undertaking. So, to add a little flava to the pot, Debbie's holding a contest. No, this isn't just a shameless blog promotion. Debbie sounds a lot like my SIL, Aunt Julie, The Pop'r Queen. Deb's a downright friendly kinda gal. Must be all that down-home Old Dominion Hospitality she exudes!

"Go mingle with the bloggers from your state/country and leave 'em some comment love! If not, travel to a place you've never been and leave them some comment love," Debbie enthuses. "Hopefully, all kinds of new traffic will get pushed through your sites."

Sounds like it's all about Sharing the Comment Love, and getting to know lots of new folks. And, as you know, I'm all in favor of that!


The Pink Potpourri said...

what a great idea! thanks for sharing. i look forward to checking this out and getting involved!

speaking of getting involved, be sure to head over to The Pink Potpourri...we're hosting a SWAP!

Melissa B. said...

Hey, I think we're really on the same *net vibe* here--I signed up for the Blog Around the World Tour, too! Sounds like a great way to meet new Bloggy Friends, don't it? Got my bags packed--BTW, when do we depart?

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Wow that sounds like such a great idea. :) Fun stuff. Thanks for letting us know!

Lynda said...

I'm already in, but it's fun to explore, isn't it?

christie said...

such a neat idea and a fun site.

mikki roo said...

Neat! Is this for Canadians too?!?

BTW, I'm hosting my first bloggy giveaway, so be sure to visit me @

Mrs4444 said...

Don't you mean that you're all in FLAVOR of that, Ms. Popper Lady?! :)

Breanne Vasquez said...

That is a great idea!

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Hello there, I would like to link you to my list, may I?