Saturday, August 9, 2008

You Asked? We Answered!

Unless you ask Veggie Mom and The Pop'r Family! You asked, we answered! Day 2 beachside with Aunt Julie and Uncle Lynn, who are answering Your Bloggy Questions today. Now, just 'cause we're on VAY-kay, doesn't mean that we're forgetting about our Great Pop'rs Giveaway, which ends on Monday. Please join the fun and enter today!

Ticopi, over at Nonchalantly Treading, wants to know about Pop'rs and dorm food. "How could college students use Pop'rs in college food to make it healthier/more appetizing? I do have a kitchen, but school is rapidly approaching and the meal plans are upon us!" Of course, Ticopi! As Aunt Julie likes to say, no kid’s too old for Popr’s!! They can jazz up any dorm-type food, from spaghetti to mac 'n' cheese to Jell-O—and don’t forget the frozen yogurt!

KKJD1, who has Farmgirl'inGa. Style, is concerned about diabetics eating Pop'rs. "My comment or question for the day is can a diabetic use the Pop'rs?" Uncle Lynn says that these fun and good-for-you seasonings have a sugar content of about 15 percent. He also says that since you'd be shaking Pop'rs on food, that would dilute the sugar content even more. And thanks for the positive thoughts as we commence our Beachy Week, KKJD1!

Lula, our gal over in Lulaville, says she's interested in Pop'rs, but has "Twilight" on the brain this week. "Here's my question: Have you started reading "Twilight" yet? It is THE summer beach read. You knew I was gonna ask..." Thanks, Lula! All I can say is, we're gettin' to it!

Betty, who's in charge of Betty's Blog, asked three Pop'rs -related questions. You know, those teachers try to be very precise! "Are they diff erent colors? Do they pop when you eat them? Also, are they used on all types of food?" Aunt Julie says that's why Pop'rs are so fun, Betty!Different colors, different flavors—these carbonated crystals pop on contact with moisture, so, of course, Pop'rs pop in your mouth, not (necessarily) in your hand! Yes, Betty, we use Pop’rs on veggies, ice cream, beverages—just use your imagination and let us know what new uses you can come up with!

Gina, who presides over at The Clan McLeod, has flavor-specific questions: "How about some Cheddar Popr's?! And Caramel!" Since Pop'rs are made in Wisconsin, Gina, cheddar sounds like it’s in our future. The company has just developed an intense lemon flavor that Aunt Julie cooked up, so Caramel wouldn’t be out of the question. We’d have to take that one to the lab!

Corey, who's Living and Loving Every Minute of It, says she's sometimes confused about the Pop'r Family Tree. " have you explained who the author of this blog is? I sometimes feel lost with all the characters in this Popr's story. Point me in the right direction to figure who is who is who out. :)"

Corey, here’s the deal. Veggie Mom (that’s me!) writes the blog. My BIL, Uncle Lynn, makes the Pop’rs. Uncle Lynn is married to Aunt Julie, The Pop’r Queen. Their kids are Big Bear, Shark Boy, College Boy and Soccer Boy, and their furry children, Trouble Elizabeth and Moses, The World’s Best Dogs. Veggie Mom is married to Aunt Julie’s brother, Uncle Mark (we call him Moker). Our kids are College Girl and The Wild One. Does that help at all, Corey?

Mary Beth I., who's a Blogmaniac, is curious about Pop'rs availability. "Are Pop'rs available in the grocery stores?" she queries. "If not yet, any plans?" We’d love to get 'em there, Mary Beth. That’s the ultimate goal. Right now, though, the only place you can buy Pop’rs is from Uncle Lynn. To order yours, click here!


Corey~living and loving said...

yup...I've got it now. :) thanks for the explaination. :)

KKJD1 said...

Thanks for answering all our questions even on your vacation. Don't you ever take a
Blessings, Karen

Ticopi said...

Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately, I can't have dairy/ice cream/etc, but I know lots of folks who can, and I have a feeling that the chocolate and raspberry would go great as dipp'rs for my tofu "ice cream" bars!

Have a good rest of your vacay!

Heather said...

I have to say that if I did suddenly find myself with $10k to spend in a frivolous manner, I'd take dinner with gorgeous George over making Edwards go away.... Besides, I'm pretty sure his career will now be going away all on its own, dontcha think?

Hope you're enjoying the beach!

Anonymous said...

oh... I get it now. I too was confused over the family tree. That will make it easier to follow family adventures. Thanks for the info but what about those of the feline persuasion?

Anonymous said...

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