Monday, August 4, 2008

They're Hot for Pop'rs! And YOU Can Be, Too!

Cyber-chatter continued over the weekend for Pop'rs, Uncle Lynn's cool new seasoning that's fun and good for you, too! The Pop'r King wants to Share the Pop'rs Love, and also let you know about a cool new Giveaway! And BTW, that's Soccer Boy, doin' a little Double-Dippin'. He's sprinkling Chocolate Pop'rs in his Chocolate Milk. Yummy in the tummy!

Veronica, who patrols the aisles at Supermarket Serenade, started us off on Friday with a Music and Pop'rs combo. She posted a pretty cool Music *Meme*, and paired it with a review of that fabulous seasoning that literally makes your food sing! I'm talking about Pop'rs, of course, available only from Uncle Lynn in eight awesome flavors!

And in what kind of Pop'rs Pleasure did Veronica and Family partake? Cinammon Pop'rs on pancakes and Colorburst Pop'rs on mango slices--sounds pretty delish and exotic to moi! Then Veronica. Just. Went. Crazy!

"Taco Pop'rs to popcorn, Butter Pop'rs to broccoli and green beans, Buffalo Pop'rs to our turkey sandwiches," Veronica blogs enthusiastically. "It says on the bottles that they have vitamins added, which is an extra bonus, but we (especially the kids) just liked the crackling! I don't think they are available in the supermarket yet, but I'm sure Veggie Mom will let us know when they are. Thanks for the fun treat, Veggie Mom!"

No, Pop'rs aren't in supermarket aisles. They're easy to get, though. Just click here to order your Pop'rs from Uncle Lynn, at new Recession-Proof Prices!

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful, with more Great Pop'rs News to report! Deanna, who's got our attention over in Deanna's Corner, had some Saturday Savings news on homemade popcorn topped, of course, by Pop'rs! Deanna's out to save her Bloggy Readers a buck or two, and increase their taste sensation at the same time. I'd say you're successful, D! "I highly recommend Butter and Taco" -flavored Pop'rs on the homemade popcorn, Deanna suggests.

Already Pumped Up on all this Pop'rs Love, imagine Uncle Lynn's glee when he took a gander at what Angie, The Ringmaster at SevEn cLoWn CirCuS had to say about his product. She enlisted her five kiddos as "Official Product Testers." What were they reviewing? Why, Pop'rs, of course! Let's let Angie explain:

"My kids really eat to live," Angie says. "Unless the article to be consumed has an enormous sugar content, they usually don't get very excited about it. Don't get me wrong. They are good eaters, but if they are not hungry, they won't eat, just to eat. Even if it is delicious."

Sounds like a Mom who needs to offer the Wee Ones a tad more encouragement. "So, I really wanted to try out Pop'rs. They are a new product that can only be purchased online and have gotten the nod from the likes of Rachael Ray. They sounded intriguing to me, so I felt especially lucky to win every flavor in a giveaway."

OK, Angie, but what are they like? "Basically, Pop'rs are like Pop Rocks in different flavors, but with vitamins. So, not only do they add flavor, they provide music in your mouth. Literally. They pop in your mouth (and in the sink if there are any remaining on the plate) and the effect is really quite enjoyable." I like the image of the popping plates in the sink, don't you?

Angie and Family went wild with the Pop'rs, and got wonderful results! "So far, we've added the berry flavor to a peanut butter sandwich, and the butter flavor to a grilled (with no butter on purpose) cheese and turkey sandwich, and I have big plans for dinner tonight," she says. "Taco and butter flavor on corn on the cob, and cinnamon on homemade applesauces for dessert. My kids won't eat cottage cheese, but I'm going to try a raspberry on that, too."

Our Bloggy Friend Angie was pretty pleased with the Pop'rs. "It seems that the possibilities are limitless," she says, "and I know we'll enjoy a little magic in our eating in the future. And, just in case anyone is wondering if I went commercial on you, let me reassure you that I rarely, rarely do product reviews. This is my way of saying thanks to Pop'rs and Veggie Mom at Eat Your Veggies for my free gift."

Wow! Uncle Lynn was pretty pleased himself, after all that good news about Pop'rs! So pleased, in fact, that he's running another Great Pop'rs Giveaway. It kicks off tomorrow, so make sure you're there, too, to Share the Pop'rs Love!


Rhea said...

Very cool to hear Angie's take on your product. They sound very interesting..and different!

angie said...

I absolutely love how you integrated the feedback into this post! Job well done!

I should also add that eating pears will never be the same around here. We absolutely love cinnamon and cocoa sprinkled on our pear slices!

Deanna said...

We put our butter Popr's on steamed asparagus last night.... sooooo good!! Plan on telling all my Twitter friends about our Popr' madness!

Kally said...

Mmmmmm! Everything sounds so good with Pop'rs. Now I am dreaming of adding Chocolate Pop'rs to popcorn. - I've gotta have my sweet and salty together.

micaela6955 said...

Love the post! Sounds like Pop'rs are something we want to try very soon! I am all for adding flavor and vitamins to promote healthy eating to my kiddos meals. (and mine too!) Glad you got your bag from Y---she mailed me a mini and I love it! Hey stop on over and visit my blog soon, I'm having my first giveaway!

AJ said...

Now I really want to try some Pop'rs. You had my mouth watering.

AndBabyWillMake4 said...

What wonderful, real life endorsements!!

- Marybeth I. said...

Blogged about you!

Tracy P. said...

Hold the phone--there's chocolate pop'rs? I must look into this further. I shall return.