Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today We Honor Our (Pop'rs) Veterans!

Before we get started, here's One. More. Halloween. Pic for you to enjoy! Our friend Brenda, who's a Fly Girl for American Airlines, jetted in for Halloween one year, just in time to help send College Girl off for Trick-or-Treat!

Here we go, Sports Fans! We have 10--Count 'Em!--Giveaway Winners in the Pop'rs Veterans Category today. Remember, The Great New Pop'rs Halloween Giveaway was divided into two basic stages: We awarded Prizes to those New to Pop'rs yesterday and we're honoring the Vets--those who have won our giveaways before--today!

And tomorrow, Dear Hearts, we announce our Grand Prize Winners--one from each category!

So, a Round of Applause, please, to these Great Folks, Chosen Completely at Random, who have each won two--Count 'Em!--flavors of Pop'rs, that Delightful and Delish seasoning that makes Eating Your Veggies a Real Fun Thing! Winners, please e-mail me with your choice of two flavors, and your info, too. You get to select from Buffalo, Butter, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Color Burst, Raspberry, Strawberry and Taco, so let me know real soon, here?

Plus, these Pop'rs Vets win special Pop'rs T-shirts for the Whole Family! So, you Pop'rs Vet Winners, please send T-shirt sizes, too!

OK, you Vets, you've Been Around the Block Before, so You. Know. How. It's. Done. Our winners in the Pop'rs Veterans Category are

So, there you go, folks! Please e-mail me with your info, so we can get your prizes out to ya! And Stay Tuned Tomorrow for a Special Announcement...The Grand Prize Winners of our Great New Pop'rs Halloween Giveaway!


Anonymous said...

whooo hooo! Look at all those Veteran winners! Does this mean that we're walking in the FRONT of the POP'rs parade? I've never walked in the front before!
Wow...what a very generous gift. We can sure use those POP'rs and the T-Shirts...geez Veggie Mom. We'll wear ours proudly whilst singing the praises.
Congrats everyone! Let's march.

Deanna said...

Oh heavens! What a wonderfully generous gift. I am proud to be a Popr's veteran. I am like mannequin. I am forever singing their praises! Now I can wear them too. Woot!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Yay to the winners!!


Dawn said...

Wow! Thanks! I am enjoying the Pop'rs and can't imagine what else you're giving away!

Marrdy said...

Congrats to all the winners.

Is College a Kitty Kat?? She is adorable!

Tracy P. said...

Wow, lucky me!!! Twice a winner--maybe I should by a lottery ticket! (oh well, probably not...)

Thank You!!

Melissa B. said...

Oh, I'm. So. Excited! I LOVE being a Winner!

Anonymous said...

Wooo Hooo!!! Thanks,Pop'rs family!!!

Congrats to the other winners as well!!! I know what 2 flavors I'm going to get....

That is a really cute picture...very sweet!

Hey, did you catch SNL? I love it anytime Ben Affleck is on...HILARIOUS!!!

Vicki said...

Oh yeah!!! Thank you so much!! This has been a really good month!

The suspenders in the photo are so cute!

Rhonda said...

congratulations winners!