Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pop'rs Grab-Bag

!*Pop'rs Giveaway Alert*!
A little bird told moi that you should start looking for a Great New Pop'rs Giveaway sometime around Saturday, the 25th. It's Getting to Look a lot Like Halloween around here, so Uncle Lynn and I thought a Ghosts and Goblins theme would be divine! Make sure to tune in Saturday, and join in the fun!

Record Numbers Enter for Pop'rs!
Amanda recently had a Pop'rs Giveaway herself. And Guess What? She had a record 113 entries! Yes, yes, I know...some of you have 800 Gazillion Million Trillion entries in your contests...More than the National Debt and the Deficit combined! But we're talking Uncle Lynn's tiny little family-owned company here. We're super-excited, and can't wait to congratulate the winner!

Well, Kiss My Grits!
Lula, the Commander-in-Chief of Lulaville, is a previous Pop'rs Giveaway Winner. She left me the cutest little ol' comment yesterday. "Thought of you today...put butter-flavored Pop'rs in my grits. YUMMY!" See, It Takes a Village to market Pop'rs. We up here in Northeastern Wisconsin need to pay more attention to our clientele South of the Mason-Dixon Line!

Thanks for the Compliments!
Cute Karla, The Lovely Mannequin and I must have a Mutual Admiration Society goin' on here in Cyberland. We've been Trading Sugar, as My Nana used to say, for a good long while now. Karla (known to you Super-Bloggers as "Z's Mom") and Mannequin, however, put the Icing on the Cake with these Quite Comfortable Comments, which I had no trouble at all trying on for size: "You never seem to be at a loss for something to say," gushes Karla. "And I love hearing about the POP'rs Family!" "There is NO ONE quite like you!" Mannequin pronounces. "You come up with the most creative topics!" Both these Great Gals are Previous Pop'rs Giveaway Winners, but I didn't pay 'em to say this...I promise!


Does Anybody Hear Me said...

Pop'rs are yummy! I like the Buffalo flavor.
You could make a wedding cake flavor. A little family owned icecream shop in New Orleans had wedding cake slushies and they were always the biggest seller.
Wedding cake pop'rs would be really yummy!!
Just a humble suggestion!!

Lynda said...

Girl, you should get your Masters in Marketing - you do a great job!

Deanna said...

I am ready for another giveaway... my poprs are running low and that makes me oh so sad!

~Trish~ said...

Ohhhh love it!! Thanks for stopping by my Kansas blog today :)

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet...you deserve all the compliments. And I don't say it if its not true! ;) I'll be looking for the Pop'rs giveaway....I'm just a sucker for Pop'rs and giveaways....so there you have it!

I still need to post the award you gave to me...I had a brain fart....but now that its on my mind again...I'd better get on it..

Melissa B. said...

Ooooooooohhhhh!!! Another Pop'rs Giveaway? I'm sooooooooooo psyched!

gingela5 said...

Looking forward to the Popr's giveaway!

Anonymous said...

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