Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Will Rock You!

Appropriated from Tara R. over at If Mom Says OK, I've been double-dared to tell you how much I Rock. Tara received her challenge from Jen at Huckdoll's Hood, who in turn faced the challenge when Kelley at MagnetoBoldToo threw down the gauntlet. You, too, are invited to Play Along. This challenge is Open to Everyone in the Bloggy Universe. So, be Loud and Proud, and tell everyone Why You Rock!

10. I totally Rock because I started blogging in June and have surpassed the 10,0000th Hit and 100th Post mark, just short of four months out.
9. I'm an awesome Rocker because I can say the alphabet backwards. In my younger years, I could sing it backwards, too!
8. I live to Rock because I have an Awesome SIL and an Awesome BIL, who make an Awesome Product!
7. I love to Rock because I've finally figured out the Key to Gorgeous Geraniums!
6. I know I Rock because I believe that All God's Critters need a second chance!
5. I recently Rocked by Running a Downright Inspired Bloggy Giveaway!
4. I'm beloved for Rocking because Allie, Channah, Dawn, Mrs. 4444, Nik, Tracy, and Vicki are Very Happy Campers!
3. I will always Rock because Moker is in My Corner as The. Best. Hubz. Ever!
2. I Rock 24/7 because I'm blessed with two Independent Children who Still Love Their Mommy!
1. I'm Rockin' right now, because I'm an Empty Nester. Are ya jealous yet?


Deanna said...

Those are great. You definitely ROCK!

Rhonda said...

Great list!!!

Sandi McBride said...

The Alphabet backwards? If I were giving you a field sobriety test and you started out backwards, I'd...probably fall out laughing! Yes girl, you certainly do ROCK!

Dawn said...

Great list! You definitely do rock!!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Very fun! Rock out, YOU!

Anonymous said...

You definitely rock!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Holy Cow! You DO rock!! AND you're featured on SITS today! Even more rock-ness! :-)



T said...

fun - I might have to do this one for my "tag week" - and yes, I'm totally jealous of you being an empty nester... but I'll get there... in 15 years or so...

Brenda Jean said...

You certainly do rock, and yes, I'm jealous. You got the rocking down seriously:}

Cecily R said...

Yea, I'd say you most certainly do ROCK!

Marrdy said...

You are right. You totally rock!!

Lula! said... rock. Except for that remark againsts my Falcons. I'll forgive you. Maybe.

Just kidding. Maybe.