Thursday, October 23, 2008

Say Cheese!

Aunt Julie's cousin, Jim, lives in Norway with his family. He's originally from Wisconsin, but has taught school back in The Old Country for years. Jim recently came back home for a visit, and stayed at The Pop'rs Family's house.

To thank Aunt Julie and Uncle Lynn for their hospitality, Jim sent them an Authentic Norwegian Osthyvel--or "cheese plane," for you non-Norwegian neophytes. Julie Eliz took this "arty" pic, natch!

Aunt Julie and Moker--my Hubs--grew up with an Osthyvel in their house. No Proud Scandinavian living in the Upper Midwest would dare be without one! But Cousin Jim said Julie's wasn't authentic enough. So he sent her the Real Deal.

"Jim said that our grandfather Borger, who was a carpenter, would have used a 'hyvel' to plane wood," Julie Eliz explains. "And 'ost' is Norwegian for 'cheese'. We Norwegians certainly have a knack for creations of enduring beauty and simplicity, don't we?

Read this fascinating post on the blog Clivia's Cuisine about this marvelous Norwegian invention! Who knew?


Tara R. said...

I actually use something like that, never knew it was called anything other than 'cheese slicer' - thanks, that's cool.

Midwest Mommy said...

Yummy! You learn something new everyday :-)

Lynda said...

You always have the most interesting posts!

gingela5 said...

Interesting--I don't know much about anything Norwegian! It's always fun to learn new things! And the cheese looks yummy! :)

Dawn said...

I learned something new! Oh, and the world's pickiest eater is spending the night tomorrow night and i'm going to try the ultimate Pop'rs test!! At my house, they aren't putting them on food but eating it out of their hands!!! They are SOOO good but I want to try it on food with picky eaters!!!