Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is in the Air!

Another of Veggie Mom's contributions to the Random Complexity Writing Challenge. 347 words.

After hibernating, lo these many months, the toesies have come out to play.

Yup, went to the local nail salon yesterday afternoon and got the "full treatment." Some say that March Madness means that Spring is in the Air. I say the fun colors and skin-bearing daring of a pedicure signals the advent of the prettiest season.

My toes have a history, if you want to know the truth. I've always been known as the Girl with the Crusty Feet. My husband and children are blessed with skin so soft, it could have been transplanted directly from a baby's butt. Me, not so lucky!

I started getting pedicures as a way to smooth out those heels and spruce up those piggies. I have always had a hankerin' for going barefoot, so might at well play up the fact that my toes had disrobed, right?

Then, as the years flew by, it got to be a habit. No, I don't go to the salon every fact, my feet pretty much hibernate, as far as glamor is concerned, during the winter months.

But when Spring has Sprung, when those crocuses and daffodils make a show of pushing up through the crusty top layer of the frozen tundra, it's time to take my crusty old feet in for a tune-up.

I indulged in a little "Spring Cleaning" yesterday. Yes, I got the heels scraped (and scraped and scraped..."How long has it been, Miss?" the technician queried), my nails cut and the obligatory dollop of Broadway Red enamel brushed across ten toenails.

But I also basked in a Sea Salt Scrub. Just had to exfoliate after all those months in thermal socks and sneakers!

I've assumed the pose above before~first, when
Hot Tub Lizzy mandated we wear plaid on Election Day, and then again in December, when lamenting the Green Bay Packers' perturbingly pathetic season. Showing my piggies off again today, in honor of the advent of Spring.

Spring, indeed, is in the Air. But don't tell
Bucky Badger~he's gone home to hibernate 'til basketball season starts again next November.


annie kelleher said...

oooh la la - look at those toes! happy monday!

Sandi McBride said...

My manicurist groans when spring gets here and she has to dehorn my hooves...that time is fast approaching, too, lol! Your toes look fantastic!

angie said...

Saw your comment on SITS and couldn't resist a girly girl nail polish post! Great color!

Susie said...

Nice pedicure!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so lucky! I need to get a pedicure. You're piggies are cute....mine are beyond help!

Mrs4444 said...

And adorable piggies, they are! On a serious note, I recently read that a lack of Omega-3 Fatty Acids can cause dry, scaly feet! I am thinking about taking that seriously. I'll let you know how it goes...

P.S. Thanks for your kind words for Molly today...

Tracy P. said...

Aw! Poor Bucky!

My piggies will be in awhile longer yet. And yes, I will definitely have to exfoliate before the sandals come out! Still a few weeks.

Michelle said...

Ooo, if YOU'RE doing your toes, then it must be spring! I haven't done mine since a wedding in November... and they need it badly. Love the polish choice!

bettyl said...

Good on ya! If mamma's happy, everybody's happy!