Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Prolific Poster's Top-10

I'd do just about anything for a $250 Target Gift Card. But Auds at Barking Mad is making it ever-so-easy for me. And for you, too! She's having a contest. The prize is a $250 Target gift card. And all you have to do is list your Five (or 10, if you're an overachiever) Favorite Posts. Oh, and Auds would like for you to sign Mr. Linky, too.

Contest ends at 10 p.m. EST tomorrow~that's March 4th. In the interest of "true disclosure," I should note that I first found out about this from Karla, who found out about it from Jennifer...and so on and so forth.

Being the prolific poster that I am, and also because I'm slightly on the overachieving side, I've got a Top 10 for ya. Hope you enjoy them!

10. Would You Like Geraniums with Your Coffee? 6-28-08 Funky, fun. BTW, I was still finding my bloggy "voice." And, yes, used coffee grounds make marvelous geranium fertilizer! Mine are still going strong...

9. Have Quilt, Will Travel! 7-16-08 One of a series of posts featuring Aunt Julie's amazing quilts. The gal really knows something about this old-fashioned artistry!

8. Ode to Vanna White 8-18-08 Quirky tribute to a white Econoline van. Her name is Vanna. She's white. Get it?

7. Empty Nesters 9-12-08 Both girls moved on, and off to college. Bittersweet, I think!

6. Don't Let This Photo Get Your Goat! 10-6-08 I got all sassy that day, as the SITS Featured Blogger. Here's another of Aunt Julie's Superb Snaps. I'm still recovering from all the Comment Love from that day!

5. Election Day Plaid Party! 11-5-08 In a demonstration of solidarity, Hot Tub Lizzy told us to wear plaid. So I did. Packers Plaid, to be Precise!

4. Pretty Cheesy 12-16-08 Yes, I ranted about the Green Bay Packers all season. This was our "rebuilding," Brett-less year, am I right? But I think that this post, perhaps, was just an excuse to feature The Packers Pope. And this Cheese Bra is to die for, no?

3. He Feeds More Than My Soul 1-21-09 Getting into a writing competition sure boosted the quality of my output, that's for sure. Note to self: 1,000 quality words a month is quite a few!

2. She Has the Time 1-28-09 Another writing competition contribution.

1. Snow Daze 2-9-09 I kicked off Tiffany's 2-week bloggy respite by writing about my Snow Phobia. What a fun fortnight that was...and, of course, I entered this one in the writing competition, too!

There you have it, Pop'rs Fans! Hope to see some of your Top Faves this week, too!


Marrdy said...

I think you should win the $250 gift card! That is quite a list with some great (the best) posts.

Melissa B. said...

Thanks for bringing back the "oldies but goodies." And I love the mosaic that goes along with the post!

Lynda said...

I hope you win!

Tiffany said...

I saw that contest a few weeks ago and never got my act together to enter. Good luck to you!

angie said...

Good list, AND good luck! :)

Susie said...

Those are some great posts! Good luck and I hope you win:-)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Good luck! It's fun to go through and find all these jewels!

Michelle said...

Good luck... I saw this a bit ago but I can't decide on my favorite five... so I put up nothing :) I remember each of these posts!